April 17, 2008

My favorite spot in the house

Author: Raowr, the wanderer

Yups, I is glad to be homes. I get to sit on the vent and make momma turn on the heat for me. I gets all toasty and my furs stay warm for hours.
I bets you is all wondering how I got soooo far away from home in just a few days time? Well, Momma thinks I got in someone's car accidently or in the back of a truck and then jumped out when they stopped. Its oviouse from the boo boo's on my wittle paws that I has walked alots. But there's just no saying what all I did on my adventurs.
I will tell you abouts the lady who rescued me and posted me on the intratnety so my momma could come gets me. This lady is named Christine. She and her hubby wents to this little mexican restuaranty called "Lupe's Escape". Its just about 5 minutes from where they live. Anyway, while they were there they saws me wandering around the outdoor patio. It had been a few days since I had run aways, so I was espicially hungry! I can't belive no one out here in the big world knows that i likes my Whiska's wet food in a pouch and it has to be fishy flavors. I was lucky to gets a bite from someones stale leftover burger next door at the mcdonalds. I went over to the other resturuanty and was hoping somone would take pitty on mes. They did! The owner of the resuruanty couldn't keep me but Christine said she would take me and help me find my mum. She took me home where she had 3 kittys and great big friendly woofy. I was a verry good girl and didn't hiss at no body and even let the big woofy sniff me lots. Christine feds me, even if she didn't has no Whiskas seafood pouches...at least it was good proper kitty food! Christine wanted me to find my mum so she posted on Craigslist. There are probably 30 postings a day on there for people who have found pets or losted them...so its no wonder that my mum somehow missed the posting for two whole days! And Christine didn't find the original posting my momma had made neither. But luck was wif me and Momma was ables to find my postings on craiglist.

I really enjoyed my time wif Christine (my guardian angel) but I was super glad that momma came and brought me home so I can sleep on my heater vents. Christine and her hubby was getting attached to me, cause I is so super mellow and sweet...so I know I would have had a good home wif them, but I is glad that Momma doesn't has to cry about me no more. :)


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  2. We're all glad you're home and your Momma can stop crying now! As you know she's had a rough time while you were gone and needs you to be her little ray of kitty sunshine again and make her feel all better! :)

  3. oh my goodnews you have been to hell and back eh? *hugs* so sorry we haven't been around, our Mum hasn;t been blogging and had no time to help us.

    that is a real shame about the kitties - but then someone smiled down on you and gave you Roawr back, what a special treat that was...

    hope you have a wonderful weekend xxx

  4. You sure had a big adventure! It seems like a miracle that you were able to be reunited with your mom. I am so glad you are safe and back home where you belong.

  5. What an adventure and i am just thrilled that it had a happy ending!

  6. I've tagged Napoleon and Raowr for a meme, please let them play! :)