April 2, 2008

Author: Momma

With Belle being so super pregnant for the last week I have been locking the two girl kitties in my bedroom with me at night. Just incase Belle goes into labour in the middle of the night, I don't want her to be hiding under the sofa or somewhere that I can't get to her.
So sure enough, at 3:30 this morning, I woke from a troubled sleep to realize that something disgusting had just brushed against my foot. I tore off the covers and there was Belle giving birth in my bed!!!! So I jumped up and quickly carried her to her birthing box in the bathroom. She strained and meowed and freaked out when I tried to leave, so I stay with her. The first baby was an all black one, but despite my best efforts he didn't make it. He never took his first breath and Belle had no interest in him right from the start. Soon after there was another baby born, and it was moving and rearing to go. Its a black or gray one with white on it. The next one born was a white/creamy/orangey? little loud one.

Belle was not happy with the birthing box at all, and attempted to climb into the litterbox repeatedly. I finally had to take the lid off of it and flip it upside down. So, of course, both kittens and Belle are covered in icky litter. I told you all the miracle of life is disgusting! lol

Belle has finally calmed down enough for me to leave the room and update on here. She's still in labor and I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with 4 living kittens. I'll let you know later in the day, since I'm going to be in the middle of cleaning my bed and the labor room for the next few hours.

Update: 5:50am
Well, I guess it turns out that Belle was just very very fat and not so super pregnant. As its been 2 hours since her 3rd kitten was born, I think its pretty much over. The first live kitten is defintly grey with little white markings, and the other one is kind of an orangy white. The orangey one isn't doing so well, I'm worried that we might end up with only one that makes it through the day. Purrs and prayers for momma Belle and the babies.

Update 850am

Orangey one didn't make it. I am having strong doubts that Belle is a suitable momma kitty. I don't know if it was just poor genetics and thats why all her babies are died or dying. Or if its because Belle isn't taking care of them. She hasn't seemed to bond with any of the kittens and leaves them as soon as the door opens. She doesn't cuddle with the last baby either, and she seems much more interested in leaving the room rather then caring for the baby. I'm very surprised since Belle has always been excessivly motherly to all the other cats in the house. I'm exhausted and sadden, so I might not blog for another few days. If the grey and white one makes it I will take photos and I will blog about it.

Update 10:50am

After checking in on Belle I was unable to locate the last remaining kitten. This is the one that had seemed the strongest right from birth. However, Belle had buried the baby in the litterbox. I don't know why she did that. Its really hard to anxiously wait weeks for new life to come and then to have it go so tragically wrong in such a short period of time. I don't know if there was something wrong with these kittens genetically that caused Belle to reject them. I'm hurting a bit now, so I'll blog in a few days.


  1. Congratulations Belle! my prayers are with you and your new babies that everyone is okay.

  2. Hooray Momma Belle! Yoo mades it froo da first parts, now yoo jus needsta lurves an snuggles yur babies till dey get big an stwong. I will purrrs fur dem an yoo.

    Wells Napoleon, now yoo gots sum noo recroots fur yur rev...revo...fur takins ova da wurld. Hehehe


  3. Oh poor Belle, she sounds like she's finding this momma kitty thing hard... Many first time queens don't bond well with their kittens to start and pretty much need someone to stay with them constantly for the few weeks. One of my half-sisters was like that with her first litter and drove Mummy's friend mad... She's improved though and will be a momma again in about 3 weeks time! :) If Belle doesn't feed the little grey and white one enough try formula and a product called "kittystim" it's a mixture of colostrum and pro-biotic that can helps kittens who're not gaining weight fast enough. The little kitten should gain about 5-10g per day or more. Weigh it twice a day so that if it's not gaining you can react faster. Iffen you need more info get your Momma to e-mail mine via the Lovelynx website and she'll send you lotsa kitten care notes! :)


  4. My thoughts are with you all in this difficult time. I am so sorry for the loss of the orangey one. I do hope the other one pulls through OK. Serious prayers for all of you. x

  5. Many animal Moms will reject their babies if there is something wrong with them. It's nature's way of giving the stronger babies a better chance. There may have been something wrong with the kittens, or Belle just didn't know what to do with her babies. I'm really sorry they all died. If it's any consolation (and it probably won't be), this whole sad situtation is most likely harder on you than on Belle. If she isn't grieving now, she won't later on.

  6. Momma and Belle,
    My heart goes out to you both for your loss. I was very saddened to hear that now the grey & white kitten has joined his/her siblings in heaven. My prayers are with you both.

  7. You could well be correct in thinking this... Although it doesn't make it any easier and we too are feeling sad and sorry for you at this time. Do be a good kitty Napoleon and give your Momma a big snuggle and help make her feel a little better...

    Ramses & Family