April 26, 2008

My photo is totally worth a million words

Author: Raowr

Momma just had to take a new pictures of me. (if you bigiffiy it you might see me droolings) She is sooo glad i is staying home now. Though I has made a few breaks for the front door...I hasn't made it yet, sighs!

I don't has alot to write. Something about a ladygardenectomy in May for me and Belle and something about somone getting a mini-itty-bitty-chip. I love chips!!! wait? I don't get to eat it? then why do I has to have a chip?????? Oh cause of the whole need to conquer the great outdoors and go far far away from mum on adventures...sigh again!! the things I put up wif causen I love my mum.

1 comment:

  1. I must say you're looking lovely in this photo! So you'll be having a ladygardenectomy in May as well as Belle! That's a good thing as I don't think your Mum would want to go through the upset of kittens again like she had with Belle... Chips are good too, they help you find your way home iffen you get lost! Not that I ever plan to let Mummy get out of my sight for long enough to get lost! ;)