May 12, 2008

Well, your an awfully small woofy!

Author: Zeke, aka Gunner

My new mum says she wants to change my name to Gunner. She thinks that goes with my personality and is a longer and softer sounding word. I'll answer to most anything...if there be a treat involved!

Sadly mum is still very worried and searching all the time for my missing little brother Napoleon. I actually hasn't met him yet, but iffen I do, I know I love him like I love all the weird little 'woofies' that live here.

On that note, I has to say these is the strangest woofies I has ever met! They don't woof, they growls and hisses and they has sharper claws them me. So far they don't want to play with me which is really sad causen I love to play! I use to have two other siblings with my other family and they would run and play with me all day. I miss them and my other family a whole bunch. I'm starting to get use to the schedule here, but none of the woofies in the neighborhood wants to play with me neither. Not alot of people around here actually take their woofies for walks! My new mum takes me out in the morning and again in the evening. I love going on walks. My other family wasn't physically able to take me on walks no more, so I really missed that!

My new mum wants to thank everyone for all their prayers, purrs, and good thoughts about the return of Napoleon. Its very hard for her, specially since she had just gotten Raowr back after her being missing. Mum thinks that someone for sure is kittynapping peoples' pets and dumping them in different locations. Thats why she got microchips now. Now if anybody escapes the house and someone steals them, well whoever is nice and finds them will be able to return them back to the right Mum!

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  1. I'z still besides myself with worry for Napoleon, I mean who will love me iffen he's gone for good?! I shall have to console myself with some gorgeous Aby mancat... ;) Well I had needs you know, but I loves Napoleon bestest of all! :)