May 16, 2008

I went to the groomer today and is sooo purty now!!

I still feel like sticking my tongue out about the whole thing!

Author: Gunner

Well it was a horrible thing. First mum took me and shoved me in the car! I hates car rides! I gotted sick the last time, so I remember that in the back of my mind. This time, I wasn't in the car long enough to get sicks. It was only a few blocks. Then mum dumped me in this place wif all these peoples. They put waters on my fur! They scrubbed all my beloved stinkyness out of my furs! Oh the horrible indignity of it all.
Then they trimmed my long long claws. Now my feet furs are all trimmed and I have dainty looking feets! I is suppose to be a big manly furball, not a dainty furball...sighs. Well mum has been coooing and awwwing over me and she did give me treats. So I guessing it all works out in the long run. However, I now know to doubly avoid the car. Eiver you get sicks or you get the scubbings away of the good doggie stinkyness!


  1. You look so beautiful all groomed and pretty!

  2. I'm sure you smell a lot better now you don't smell like a doogie! ;)

    My sis is still sulking over Napoleon going missing, we're purring he's ok!