May 5, 2008

I am pleased to announce the newest addition to our family!!

Author: Momma

This is our newest family member. His name is Zeke, at least for now. His former owner wasn't able to give him the care and attention he so rightly deserves, so she finally made the difficult choice to put him up for adoption. She wanted him to have a great life and all the love in the world.

Zeke is a slightly merle colored Sheltand Sheepdog. He is purebred, however his breeder wasn't able to show him because he was unusually large (for a sheltie), he had one blue eye, and he didn't have the full merle coat. So the breeder had sold him as a pet dog, and his owner had him for a year before deciding that due to illness they couldn't keep him anymore.

I am still desperately looking for Napoleon, which is how I found out about Zeke. I search the ads everyday without success, but I saw a posting about Zeke. I have always wanted a sheltie dog, but did not want a puppy. So this works great for me and for grandma. This dog is already past the chewing and housebreaking phaze, and loves to be petted and brushed. Two of my favorite activities! Zeke hasn't had any formal obedience training, so coming up in June we are gonna get signed up and get cracking!

The cats are horribly mad at me for bringing a woofie into the house, but I'm sure they will get over it. The great thing is that Shelties are mellow by nature so he has little interest in them and is not inclined to chase them! So its them having to get over him, rather then a two way battle.


  1. Oh no don't give My Mummy any bad ideas about doggies! It's mad enough here with the kittens running riot! ;) I kept an eye out for Napoleon here all weekend as we had Birthday Chicken, but sadly he didn't turn up here looking for Isis or chicken... Paws crossed that he comes home soon...

  2. Wowie Zeke yoo is a furry hansum woofie! I hopes yoo lyks yur noo fureva home. An I hope Napoleon comes home reel reel soon ta meet ya. I'm shur yoo too will be reelly gud fwiends.

  3. Zeke is very handsome! I sure do hope you find Napoleon soon.