May 8, 2008

Post-op Tummy photo

Author: Raowr

As promised here is a photo of my tumtum. Belle is still being stubborn and refuses to allow photos to be takens. Do you see the green on my tummy? This is cause there is a special tattoo there! This was, if someone takes me for a stray and decides to get me spayed (again) the vet would shave my tummy and would see the tattoo and know thats I has already been spayed!! Cool, then they wouldn't has to cut me open. Course I did get the microchip, so no one should thinks I is stray iffen I ever escaped the house agin. On that topic, momma is kinda irked at the vet peoples. They said it would be 36 dollars to get the microchip. They failed to mentions that in addition to that money, Momma has to pay another 19 dollars to register the chip with the national company. Otherwise, there isn't any point in having the chip. So instead of saying it is 36, they should say...we charge 36 to install the chip, but then you must register and pay another 19 dollar its really 55 dollars all togethers. That would be more honest.
How many of you all has chips? And how much did it costed? Did you has to pay a seperate fee and fill out paperwork and send it somewhere to get it all registered and whatnot? Lets us know..k?


  1. Oh my that's a silly amount of money for a micro-chip! Our Petlog chips only cost £16 and that includes all the paperwork and registation - I think that's about $35 dollars for everything and if it's done at the same time as a spay/neuter it's more like £10 or £12 - Mummy'd have to check to be sure...

  2. I've never commented before, but I read your blog regularly... is there any word on Napoleon? Kitties around the world are worried about him. =(