June 30, 2008

Raowr and Gunner relaxing together

Author: Momma

After the loss of Napoleon I haven't really wanted to blog. Its been hard. Grandma is suffering more and more from the Alzheimers and its a daily struggle to cope.
I am thinking of easing back into blogging with the furry ones, but it will most likely only be once a week to start with and then we'll see how it goes from there.

Anyway, as you can tell Gunner and Raowr are fast becoming good buddies. Its hilarious to see them playing since he is a 100 times bigger then her! Oh, I almost forgot...Gunner is getting nuetered on the 10th, getting his rabies shot, and getting his brand new license! Poor guy, doesn't know whats about to happen...lol.

I'm working with Gunner to get him some basic obedience training. So far we have about a 60-40 success rate with the sit command. I have had about 90% success with the stay command. He has no idea what I mean when I tell him to LAY. Any good ideas how to teach him. He does seem to want to learn, but he's a little shy on the brains department sometimes.


  1. I started clicker training with Mummy 3 days ago and can now sit on command pretty much 100% of the time! :) So you might try clicker training with Gunner, though I understand he's not as bright as a cat you never know... ;)

  2. Shadow is not so good with the commands either. We tried treat training with him which worked really well at first, but now he only listens when you have food. Lay Down was one of the hardest tricks for him to learn, but he got it eventually. It took about 2 years till he got it 75% of the time. It took less time to teach him how to "Give Paw" and he hates to have his feet touched. Good thing he will do anything for food. Hehehe.

  3. AnonymousJuly 05, 2008

    What? What did I miss? What happen to Napolean??