Dec 2, 2008

Monkey has a boyfriend!!

Monkey, the charcoal point kitty has a boyfriend, George, the fire point fluffy monster! George is a year old male who recently imigrated to our home. He has resided under my bed for a week and has finally started coming out to say hi. He enjoys being petted, but it is entirely on his terms! He wants to come up to you, do not approach him quickly or he will scatter like the leaves in the wind.
George almost got a different name though, cause he loves to eat butter! I caught him trying to take a stick of butter off the counter. I assume he was intending to bring it back under the bed where he could eat it in leisure, but I caught him in the act...whew!!!! I was thinking butter or butterball would be a good name for the
I hope to start blogging again, especially as we MAY have kittens come febuary. I will definetly let you all know as soon as I know for sure and will do daily or weekly photos ect, if that should happen.

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