Jan. 3, 2009

Today, Monkey looks pregnant

I swear its the oddest phenomenon with Monkey. She was like this when I first brought her home. The people who rescued her thought she was pregnant then decided she was just fat. Somedays, she definetly looks pregnant....other days, she doesn't!

She has been sleeping off in different parts of the house a lot more then she use to. She also isn't as playful, rather she enjoys more time cuddling and purring instead of chasing the laser pointer like mad up and down the hall.

When she first decided to take off, she was a very well rounded kitty. Not obese, just pleasantly round. When she came back, she was on the slender side of good health...not emaciated, but not her normal size. The first few days, she packed it back on. I always have a full bowl in the house for the cats to enjoy. Its too hard to try and get several different bowls and make sure everyone gets their fair share....for the most part, the full bowl policy has worked for us. :) So anyway, its still a bit difficult to say for SURE that she is pregnant but based on her first day of heat Dec 2, 2008 ( with the escape on the 3rd, I think) I would say she is probably between 28-31 days along. So its not too much longer and I'll know for sure! If she is not pregnant, I will take her in asap to be spayed. Otherwise will have to wait till after the babies are weaned.

George, who was suppose to be an indoor only cat has decided he likes indoors for about 5 minutes at a time. I don't understand, he has lived outside all his life but is being offered a warm, safe, loving, indoor home and he won't have anything to do with the idea. He calls (loudly) and hoots and hollers all day and night unless you let him come and go as he pleases. :(
As of the last few days, now he only comes up to the house to eat and then takes off on adventures. He stopped letting me pet him, so I wonder whats been going on while he has been out?? I need to get him back inside as he is due for a nueter and shots in a few days! Once that is taken care of, well if its his hearts desire to really be an outdoor kitty I will respect his wishes...but even though he is a beautiful boy, the feral forest population doesn't need another intact tom. The coyotes and mountain lions have been keeping the forested felines populations rather low, a gruesome thing, but nature isn't always beautiful or kind to cats without homes.

I'm just lucky that my outdoor cats know where the safe zones are in our neighborhood and forest and have lived outside for 2 years with no wild animals making off with them. Though the indoor cats that get out do not have the same knowledge or good fortune. :( I still wonder everyday what ever happened to Napoleon. I was watching a video of him and I miss him so much. I hope he was catnapped by a good but misguided samaritan who adopted him and kept him indoors and safe forever.


  1. We sure hope George decides to stay inside once his "hoo-hahs" are gone.

    We still purr for Napoleon & purray that someday he comes back home.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  2. If you're pregnant then you'll have your kittens about 10-12 days before Isis kittens are due, so very early February! She still misses Napoleon too, especially as her sweet young boyfriend just died suddenly... :( She's starting to think she'll never find long term love...