January 14, 2009

Today is two bellies for the price of one!!

This is a photo of Keera. Do you remember when she first moved in how skinny and weird looking she was??? In just a few short months she has filled out quite a bit. She has medium length fur. I thought she might be long furred when I got her, because she has the FLUFFIEST tail in the world! lol. It only gets super fluffy though when she is startled or off on one of her wild romps around the house. She is very cute and funny.
(Thought I would post a little about her since I've been ignoring her in the blog to focus on Monkey)

And speaking of Monkey.....

This photo was taken moments ago. She no longer lays with her paws tucked under her, she is always off to one side to give her little squirmy ones plenty of room. She has just begun her 42nd day of pregnancy *based on the first day of heat* She could be less days along, its hard to tell since SOMEKITTY had to sneak off for random kitty lovins instead of the planned matrimony with George and was gone for 11 days. Its entirely possible that she was in heat, didn't breed successfully went out of heat and back in again 5-7 days later and only returned home after spending 3 days with a random Mr. Kitty Mclovin. I won't really know until the day of her labor. I plan on staying home for the 10 days surrounding the potential kittens arrival date.

I think based on her tummy lumps, she is going to have an odd number of kittens. One side, when viewed from above her, is definitely bigger then the other. Of course she could have an even number, and just have 1 on one side and 3 on the other. I'm hoping for 3 kittens, but worry we might have more!!!

Hopefully Monkey is in love with the "nesting box" I've prepared. I made up the unusable shower into a nesting area. I have several large sheets in there, a water dish and soon to be an extra litter box in the bathroom. As the date gets closer, I'm going to get a child gate so that once the kittens have arrived, Monkey can have the bathroom be offlimits from Gunner (the dog).

I know he loves to play with all the kitties, but I think until the babies are at least 8 weeks old, he will have to be kept separate from them. I want him to be able to see and smell them and vice versa, but I don't want him to accidentally squish them since he has a rather large fluffy butt.


  1. Keewa, you're beautiful!
    And Monkey, I can't wait to see your kittens awwive!


  2. What pretty kitties!! Yeah, Monkey looks like she's a little uncomfortable....We, too, are excited for her babies to come!!

    (Especially since we live too far away for Mama to get one!)

  3. Once you can see Monkey's belly moving you'll be only about 1-2 weeks from kitten birth, I know this from having watched Isis belly last year! ;) Oh and she'll get far more fussy and clingy the last day or 2 of her pregnancy. Just before she's going to go into labour her temprature will drop by about a degree or more, so if you are brave you can keep checking her temprature close to her potential due date and you'll be able to tell that as soon as her temprature drops she'll be in labour within no more than 24 hrs!