Feb 03, 2009

No babies yet!

Tomorrow is the final due date for Monkey. If she has it tomorrow that will mean she was happy with the heat and got babies right away. If she waits awhile longer...it means she went out of heat, ran around with mr Mcfluffyannonnymouse for over a week and that will be the father of her babies.

I'm real worried though, cause she is HUGE! The pictures doesn't do justice to how round her belly has gotten. I'm thinking at least 4 maybe 6 or more!!!! ACK!!!!!!

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  1. Mummy watches Isis body temprature for the last day or so of her pregnancy as it'll drop right before she starts to go into labour. I'm currently making sure that the kitten bed is ready and is soft enough for them, well I'm a good Uncle and it's a great place for a nap! ;)