Feb 05, 2009

I think it might be baby time!!! It started about 8 minutes ago at 930. She started getting restless and pacing. I noticed earlier in the day that she had hid in Grandma's closet, which she has never done before. So I chased her out of there and closed up Gran's room so we wouldn't have to worry about that.

I've moved a litter box, food, and water into the master bathroom. I set up a nesting area in the shower a few weeks ago and she has seemed comfortable with it, not preferring it...but not being shy about going in and smelling the clean sheets and looking around.

Anyway, the miracle of life is VERY disgusting...its wonderful...but EWWWW....so I plan on taking photos of the new ones after they are cleaned. I will give continued updates to this posting with photos as they arrive...if its tonight...fingers crossed!!!!
Well, She has been pacing the bathroom but that might be because she isn't use to being confined. She was meowing alot and purring...but its been over an hour and no signs of her straining or pushing. Also no signs of contractions or stress, other then being miffed about not having the run of the house.

I'm going to leave her alone in there for a while and check back on her every 30 minutes to see if we have any babies coming or any signs that she might need to go to a vet.

If I don't update again tonight it will mean that there are no babies born tonight. If I have to take her to the vet, I'll try and post a sentence before we leave. I have the cat carrier all prepared just incase and its lined with a nice soft towel.

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