Feb 06, 2009

Just an update to the update

Nope, no babies yet!! That little minx is pretending...then acting normal....its sooooo bizarre!


Monkey has started delivering her babies! About 730 I had some friends over and she was Meowing and carrying on, and coming up to me then running away. Eventually she settled down and I was staring at her when I noticed a decidedly unusual ripple in her tummy. I looked up and said " I think that was a contraction!" So I picked her up and gave her a kiss. Then I carried her to the nesting area again and she seemed content to stay there. I went back out to visit with my friends, and before they left I went in to check and she had had one big white baby at 830. I keep going back to check and she now has 4, yup, FOUR babies. This picture is just taken now at almost 10pm. The whitest one is the first born who is the driest. I'm not sure she is done having babies, and I will take more photos as the babies dry and post them in tomorrow's blog posting.

As of 1130pm, there is now 7 yes you read that right...there are SEVEN little furry white babies. I'm worried that Monkey might be getting to worn out. I just happened to be in there at the right moment, as the last one arrived she didn't start to clean or break the sac...so I took of care, I was able to encourage her to bite through the umbilical...and the boy did start meowing and breathing. I am so hopeful that this is the last baby!!!!


  1. Hope the babies come soon!!

  2. Wow, 7 babies!! Hope they are all healthy & Monkey is feeling better!

  3. hahaha sssssooooooo cute i love those little kittens i want one