Feb 07, 2009

And the picture you've all been waiting for.....

This is Monkey with her seven adorable offspring! They all appear in good health with the first born being the largest of the lot. But they are all fairly close in size. One of the babies has a kinked tail. I'm not sure how much it might straighten as he grows older, but for now I am calling him Zorro, the little z man. All of the babies are white, off white and beige in coloring...its kind of hard to tell for sure. I'm assuming from this that George is the most likely father. All the intact males in the neighborhood are very distinctive in coloring so its fair guess that these will either look like their mom, developing grey snowshoe points as they get older or like their father and developing fire point markings. I can't wait to watch them grow and get wonderful little personalities!
I've had a friend wanting to adopt one already...but he lives in Utah and I'm not sure how to help that happen for him. But we have 8-12 weeks to decide.
I'll try to post every other day, and take lots of photos, so check back frequently!!!


  1. Cute! I want MORE pics!!! Congratulations!!

  2. Oh they are sooo cute!! Mama would love to have one too, but we live too far away.....we don't think we need any more kitties around here!