Feb 09, 2009

Here are photos of some of the babies and one group shot!

I apologize, but the quality isn't that great, cause they were wiggly and upset about being away from momma Monkey.

This is little Z's tail.

Here is a photo of the rest of him

Some of the babies have a tiny bit of grey on their ears

Some have a lot of grey on their ears! and they have wavy fur!

And some have no grey ears and no wavy fur!!!

Here is one with Momma and all the babies!

If you occasionally notice a difference in their sheets, its cause I have two identical sheets. One time it is the tops of two different sheets and the other time its the bottoms of the set! lol What I do is take all the babies and Monkey out, put the fresh clean sheets in and make sure that they are folded enough to prevent any cold getting in from the bottom of the shower. Then I take the old dirty ones and wash them. Here is an interesting and potentially lifesaving tidbit, do not EVER use fabric softener or dryer sheets if you plan to let your kitties or doggies lay on the sheets! Even a tiny bit that gets into their tummies can make them very very sick! And could even kill them!!! So especially with newborns who taste everything, don't use that stuff! Babies are rooting around with their mouths and noses trying to find momma and they could get lots of chemicals that you don't want them to have.

More photos of everyone on Wednesday!!!


  1. Wow! What FAT bellies! Momma is doing a good job fedding those little babes!

  2. oh there so cute, you must be so proud

  3. What sweet, sweet babies!! Mama sure wishes she could have one!