Feb 15, 2009

Tehya holding two kittens

Close up of kittens

My niece, Tehya, came over today to visit. She loved on all the kittens and held all of them.
My best friend, Karrie, brought over a babygate yesterday so I was able to create a doggie free zone for Momma Monkey to be able to leave the kittens without worrying. Now, she jumps over the gate and back again. She joins us in the living room and knows her babies are safe. I am sure Gunner will get use to the babies, but right now he kind of looks at them like they are squeaky toys.

When I first brought the kittens out, I put the gate away and put Gunner on his leash so we could have them out safely in the living room. He did a great job, but he did feel a little left out. At the end of the visit he got to play chase the ball with Tehya and get petted and loved on too.

But anyway, I first brought out all 7 kittens and put them in a basket. But by the time Tehya and my mom got here...Monkey had taken 5 of the babies back to the nursery! lol. Several times I would take a few back and trade them and get some other kittens. And at first I swear I think Monkey could count! She would be like..."wait a minute I only have 6...where is that other one?" And she would come out the living room and get him or her! So eventually we had to close the door so we could have some petting time without Monkey making off with the babies. They are only 8 days old now, so I can understand that she is very protective. I'm hoping she will get more relaxed and let everyone pet the kittens over time.
Their eyes are just starting to open, not sure if you can see that in these pictures. I'll post some more on Tuesday when they should all have open eyes! :)


  1. We can't believe they are 8 days old already!! They are so sweet, Mama wishes she could help you love on them a little bit!

  2. Isis kittens arrived yesterday, just 3 of them and all big and healthy! :)