Feb 17, 2009

Kitten Pile

Notice the kitten with its mouth open at the bottom of the pile? That is Screameralla. There is something going on with her and I'm starting to get worried. Last night I was woken up several times to hear a kitten in distress. Monkey had Screameralla in her mouth and was jumping over the gate and taking her down the hall. Then she would bring her back to the nursery. This morning I found Screameralla off by herself away from the other kittens. I put her back in with them, and the whole time she was screaming like crazy. Monkey came over and started grooming her and she didn't calm down, she kept meowing loudly. She has always been the most vocal of the entire litter. So I'm not sure if this is just my imagination that she seems to be even more vocal. Now all the other kittens are climbing on top of her and she still protests loudly, but she wasn't crawling away...and eventually drifted off to sleep. Its something to keep an eye on anyway.

As for the rest of the babies, I am sure there are two girls and five boys. The one with a pink nose is definitely a boy! So henceforth his name shall be Pinkzilla. Ziggy is doing well and everybody who meets him admires his unique tail. Screameralla is a girl and so shall remain Screameralla...lol. There is a boy with a white muzzle, grey nose, and light grey around his eyes. His name is Coonie and I shall keep him I think. He really responds to being petted and lifts his head away from his momma when I come in and leans into my hand when I stroke his little body. So four out of seven have temporary names. There is another one with half grey half white ears and he takes after Screameralla....so I can call him Pharaoh, as he thinks he is in charge and lets you know it! (This one has actually turned out to be the other female, so new name for her in a few days)

About half of the babies have at least some eye showing. Some have both eyes almost fully open, some only have a tiny bit of one eye open and some have tiny bits of both eyes open. I'm hopeful by the next photo day all eyes will be open!

I'll keep you up to date as new names develop and personalities become obvious.

Sad update:

Through out the day I noticed that Monkey would take Screameralla out from the middle of the furball pack and take her to the edge. Every time I would find her far from her littermates I would put her back. Screameralla's tummy was not as full as the rest of the kittens so I must now assume she slowed or even stopped feeding. Monkey would lick her occasionally but for the most part ignored her. Screameralla even stopped her loud meows that were her trademark.

Even when I picked her up and held her she didn't make any more noises, which she has always done from the moment I first held her at just hours old.

This evening when I went in to check on everyone I once again found Screameralla off to the side. Only this time when I picked her up she was cold. She had passed on. I don't know what was wrong with her. She wasn't sneezing, there was no outward signs of any disease. She didn't have any mucus, no difficulty breathing or feeding up until the very end. I can only assume that Monkey knew something was wrong and that is why she put her to the edge of the furball pack. When I finally took her out to bury her, Monkey did sniff her once and try to take her back. But as soon as she lifted her Monkey dropped her back to the ground sniffed her again and then went back in with the rest of the babies. She seemed to know that Screameralla had passed on.

I don't even know what signs to look for to see if there is anything wrong with the rest of the litter. This doesn't seem like a disease, I guess it could be genetic. I don't know. I will keep you all informed if I notice any of the others being taken out of the furball pack by Monkey. I know now that this means they need to go to the vet and maybe they will be able to tell me if something is wrong.

Though Screameralla had only been here about 11 days she made a lasting impression on everybody who held her or who met her. She will be sorely missed.


  1. We are so sorry about Screameralla.....how sad. We are purraying that the rest of the babies are OK. They are so cute.

  2. Poor Screameralla. Mama animals seem to know when there is something wrong and a baby won't survive.

  3. we are so very sorry about Screameralla. Poor baby. we are purring for the rest of the babies