Feb 23, 2009

Snuggling in a pile with your family is an important part of being so darn cute!

Video and Pic taken on Sunday, the kittens were 16 days old.

Just wanted to post a quick note to thank everyone who has shared my grief over the loss of Screamarella.

As the kittens are now 17 days old (can you believe its been that long already?) they are still at the age of bobbing heads and mews of extreme loudness. Of course Coonie boy is the best, but Pinkzilla is a close second. They both allow me to pick them up and move them all around with hardly any protests! Little Sister is carrying on Screameralla's legacy and is quite vocal in her princessly duties. I'm still tinkering with her name...so it may change from post to post, but she is the only girl so we should be able to follow along at home...hehe.
A few days ago I noticed that Monkey seemed to be losing weight so I thought I would go and get some kitten formula and supplement the kittens feedings to take some of the strain off of her. She is already on a high calorie kitty food, but still was losing weight. So anyway, I ran out and bought some formula and a bottle and very carefully prepared my first feeding. I thought I would start with Coonie since we get along so well. He went "nom, nom, YUCK!" he spat out the nipple and said nope. So on to the next kitten with similar results. Some wouldn't even try it...with many loud protests involved. I was like well that worked real well. lol

However just when I thought I had thrown away alot of money I happened to reread the container to see if maybe I wasn't mixing it right or that there might be a reason the kittens wouldn't take to it. On the can it says that you can supplement the nursing queen with the formula! So, I mixed in some with Monkey's food and BOY HOWDY! She LOVED it! She wouldn't even let it settle into the dry food. I thought it would make a nice mush she might nibble on...but no, she lapped it all up and was like "OMG, momma where you been hiding this stuff?!?!"

So long story short, kittens hated it...Monkey loved it! I've been mixing it several times a day in with small amounts of her dry food and she eats it all up. She seems to have put some of the weight back on and is doing great. Of course, the kittens are growing and there are still six of them so the calorie intake demand is high. I'm glad I added this to her diet.

It says on the container you can start weaning your kittens at 25 days of age, by mixing in a lot of liquid and little bit of hard food to make it a mush. Its hard to believe since they don't have teeth yet...but I was playing with Coonie who loves to Nom on my fingers and I felt little nubbins along his gum line. Only a few more days and they should have a full set of chompers at this rate!

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