Feb 25, 2009

This is a video taken on Tuesday.

If you want to watch the videos when they first go live, I am always adding them on youtube.com feel free to look for username heatherwanderer7 make sure you add just one 7 at the end, or you might find someone else. :)

I'm pretty sleepy, but I wanted to add this video on here for you all. I have a busy day tomorrow with a nurse and bath assistant coming out for Grandma. I'll try to update a little better tomorrow. Maybe just do some still photos of the babies.


  1. Oh my gosh!! I can't believe how much they've grown!! They are so darn cute, I wish I lived closer so I could have one (or two)........

  2. Oh, your kittens don't have a bed like Isis ones do... Guess I won't try steeling other kittens beds in that case, I'll just wait for every chance I get to steal my sister's kittens bed! ;) It's soooo warm and lovely! :)