Feb 11, 2009

There are seven kittens with their Mommy can you find the hidden one??

This is day 6, and the personalities of the babies is becoming quite clear. There is one with half grey and half white ears, she is the most vocal and is not that happy with being held and petted! She has already decided that, maybe I can change her mind?lol. I am spending extra time each day trying to show her that being petted and cuddled is a good thing. I'm hopeful for her because it makes it alot easier to place her with a good family.

Little Z, Zorro or as I've now taken to calling him Ziggy....was from the moment of his birth easy to hold and cuddle. He cried at first but was always the first kitten to calm down and accept being petted. All of the babies cry very loudly at first when they are picked up. But he calms down within seconds some of the other can take 30 seconds and some take several minutes.

I've always wondered about nature vs nurture and wether that played a major role in which cats I have chosen to take home. I think I am able to pick the one out the litter that is most likely to be compatible with me and my habits...and I spend lots of time with him/her and bond with them.
I just never realized that it was probably their personality...and not the fact that I spent so much time with them...that made them so compatible. Interesting huh?

I really like Ziggy, but I'm trying to not become too attached. However, I will be VERY selective about which home gets to keep him as he is a special little guy who will make an excellent pet that will enjoy lap time and cuddlings.

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