Feb 12, 2009

Ziggy didn't want to pose for pictures today...he just turned his head away.

This one is the only one with a pink nose! She just wanted to climb on my hand and forget about pictures too!

Three of the baby kittens now have temporary names, ones that will help me identify them...but that their new parents/owners can change if they want. Ziggy is the one with a little crook in his tail. Screamarella has half white ears and half grey ears. And Peenka is the only one with a pink nose! :) Oooops, turns out Peenka is a boy! So now I have to rename him! Peenko seems odd. I'll have to think extra hard.

Btw, I finally checked out the sex of the whole litter. I am fairly certain that I only have 2 girls and the rest are boys. I'll have to recheck in the next few days. I'll update you all on who is what and everything..lol.

(I know I said I would update every other day, but sometimes you just want to blog extra! Especially when you have such cute subjects to photograph)


  1. I absolutely love animals. I love your pictures, and odd names are my specialty. I have one cat and a dog due to my parents and I would love to hvae more. I have had my cat for ten years now. He is my everything. I speak to him all the time. I wish I had more animals.

  2. Cats and kittens are coming out of your ears! Cute.

  3. Saw your comments on CuteOverload & had to come over & check out the new behbehs!
    That is a beautiful Mama & babies!

    Jenny, St. Louis

  4. Oh they are so cute!! Mama loved the name "Screamarella"!