March 22, 2009

Gunner and I went to the Oregon beach yesterday.

Lots of other people came to the beach with their doggies!

I let Gunner do a little rock climbing

Gunner is king of all he sees!

I want to thank everyone who sent notes of condolence about the loss of my Grandma. I knew her time was drawing short, but it was still a bit unexpected and hard to deal with.

The kittens are growing up fast. I haven't taken any photos of them in a long while. I have moved them into a bedroom now and they are all using the litterbox and eating solid food. They have about a week left before they go to new homes. Some of the kittens have a cold now though. :(

The younger litter finally had to be separated from the older litter after the sad death of one of the younger ones. I think that the kittens all loved each other and loved to cuddle together, but when it came time to eat they weren't able to compete even though there was two momma kitties. They seem to be doing better now that they are separated. I have also started them on a once daily supplemental feeding in addition to still getting Keera's milk and care. They are super funny to watch when the supplement milk is given to them. At first they are all like "neh, no I don't want that" Then they taste it and they are all like " omg, gimme gimme gimme!!!"

I'll be taking photos of the older litter before they start leaving for their forever homes. And I'll get some photos of the younger litter too, they all have their eyes open and are crawling all over the place!

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  1. What beautiful pictures!! Mama went to Oregon a couple years ago to a Young Lives camp & just loved it! She said the sky is a more brilliant blue than here in Illinois.

    We are looking forward to seeing pics of the babies!!