March 5, 2009

March 2- part 2

This is the same day that the newborns arrived. Sorry I haven't been updating...things are always crazy here.
As many of you know I am taking full time care of my aging Grandma. She has advanced alzheimers and at this point its only a matter of days before she makes the transition from this life to the next. Its difficult to stay cheerful and upbeat and take time out of my busy day to video the new babies and post them, but I'll try to every couple of days.

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  1. Oh my!! You sure have your hands full between all the babies & your grandma. We are purring & praying for you to be able to handle everything.

    How wonderful of you to take care of your grandma!! Mama's mama had alzheimers, but she passed away from pneumonia before it got too advanced. It was still pretty tough to deal with & Mama didn't see her everyday, so she takes her hat off to you!!