April 3, 2008

Meet Miracle Boy!!!

Author: Momma

It was a very emotional day yesterday so I didn't get a chance to update the good news! After about 6 hours from the death of the two kittens, Belle decided to have one more kitten!! And this one seems to be doing well. He's all black with a tiny little bit of maybe 4 white hairs on the tip of his tail. He's about 24 hours old and has a very very loud voice! He lets Belle know when he's hungry and when he's cold.
Belle still insisted on trying to bring the kitten into the litterbox and I just didn't think it was a very sanitary or good place to nurse him. So I took him out of the litterbox and in with some towels. Belle instantly went and got him and put him back in the litterbox! So I took the lid off the litterbox, and put it on top of the towels. That seems to be what she wanted. She wanted a roof over her and the baby!

I am concerned though as its been 24 hours since the birth of her last baby and she still has some discharge. I don't remember this with the other momma cats I've fostered. Should I take her into the vet? She doesn't seem to be in any physical discomfort, but its still gross and not very hygenic I would think.

April 1, 2008

Ugly Kittens finally arrive!!

Author: Napoleon

Here I was a plannings on being a good uncle kitteh, but geesh thems some ugly alien hatchlings my sista Belle had today! Wowies thems needs some kinda of special lovings, cause not even Belle will go nears the big pink one. I really is interested in her telling us all how that set of twin aliens happened? She keeps insistings it was a normal run of the mill tomcat, but we has photographic proofs now that this was some weird alien hibreed or somefing!!

naaaahhh...its just APRIL FOOLS!!! we still has no kittens as of 10pm april 1st. Momma is getting frustrated and poor Belle is really funny to watch when she twys to groom herself..hehehe. Its so funny cause she ends up rolling to the side instead and then she gets this funny look on her face and pretends taht she meanted to do that.

March 31, 2008

Everyday in this so called "Spring"....

Author: Momma

Its snowed each morning for the last 4 days...its really weird!

No kittens yet, poor belle is very big and the babies are really active. If I put my hand on her belly, I can feel their little heads and sometimes their little paws moving around. Its one of the weirdest things ever!!

March 27, 2008

More snow in March!

And a pregnancy update video

Author: Momma

Well, here it is thursday and no babies! Sigh!! Woke up this fine day to see a light dusting of snow, kind of a surprise for Oregon in March. If you look at the first picture you can see my freshly planted rose bushes amidst the snow dusting. I hope they'll do ok. The stores around here only sell roses in the last week of Febuary and in March, so you have to buy the plants when they are available and get them into good soil asap so they can grow beautiful roses their first year. Otherwise you have to pamper them,wait, and hope that they do better their second year.

I love roses, and when I first moved here I dug up a couple of bushes I had planted at my apartment. I brought 4 all together and sadly the first year 2 didn't make it. I had a purple rose that bloomed a few times last year and the other rose bush never made buds. So I know for a fact that I had 2 reds, a yellow and purple rosebush. I know that the purple one survived, but I have no idea what color the other bush was. I plan on getting some good quality rose food this first week of April and fertilizing the two older plants.

The 4 new roses I planted, I put in soil that was already fertilized. See the soil around here is almost completly clay. weee! So if you want anything to grow you must first dig a huge hole and throw away all the clay. Then you fill the hole about 3/4 full of good quality potting soil. Making sure to pat the soil up the sides of the hole. Then you can finally put the new plant in the hole, fill in with the rest of the soil, add the barkdust so it blends with the rest of the yard, and water. And hope you did enough...lol.

This year, I've bought 2 reds and I think two yellows, or at least one yellow and maybe a white. It doesn't really matter the color, I just love gardening and roses and flowers are so beautiful.

Sigh, too much kitten anxiety...I can't seem to remeber anything but the kittens to come. So I'm going to head off for now, I'll update as soon as those little darlings make their debut into the world.

March 24, 2008

What?? Nothing going on here!

Author: Belle

Nope, its Monday and still no bebbehs. I am getting mighty tired of all the running around they is doing in my tummy, but from what I understand about kittens they have to hatch at their own speed. In that picture, you might think there is kittens, but no, thats just the paws and big belly of my brother, Hunter. Totally fooled you for a second though! lol

Momma really had hoped for the kittens on easter, but since I got out 3 different times there's no real way to count the days since I met my special tom. I am getting very round and yes, my hips are sticking out and I waddle a little bit. My milk glands are getting more swollen everyday and the kittens are very very active inside my tumtum. But they aren't listening to Momma who keeps telling them to come on out and play!
The other interesting thing is that my kitty momma was a part siamese but I am a tuxie girl. The toms that are in the neighborhood are a siamese (full), a siamese mix, a grey and white one, a black manx, and a tiger striped tom. Those are just the ones that we have for sure seen in our front yard. So what kind of kittens I hatch out are going to be a big surprise! Momma has her fingers crossed on a siamese mix, but I personally think I shall only have tuxies or black panther kittehs. hehe Momma thinks I shall have 2-3 kittens, but I plan on surprising her with at least 4. Everything that momma is thinking I is gonna try and mess up, cause well...a girl has to has some mystery and surprises in her life! lol

March 22, 2008

Author: Momma

Normally I am an easy going kind of person who deeply cares for my friends, my pets, and my family. I try to not let too many things bother me or offend me and I try to respect many different people and their many different views. However, I have been going to Wozog and doing their Cat idol and now Cat Apprentice contest and inbetween rounds of the contest the owner of the site put up a post that I feel was offensive and demeaning to overweight women. Women and men that are art models have alot of guts to pose for immature college jerks in addition to actual real artists. Showing their entire body to further the development of art. Its a serious and wonderful practice. However, this particular story that was put on Wozog may or may not be real, I still find it incredibly offensive. I asked the Wozog editor to remove it, he declined and told me I was taking it too seriously and it was "just a story".
I am asking my pets be removed from all future contests on that site and I don't plan on visiting it again.
Here is a link to the post that has the story on it.Wozog

Read it for yourself, let me know if you think I'm overreacting or if its time to stand up for respect and maturity for all people?
I ask you not to write horrible comments or do anything immature, rather if you agree with me about this story, please comment on the wozog blog and let the editor know that degrading people for fun isn't acceptable and definitly isn't the way to build a good blog readerlist.

Thanks for reading my rant, back to the kittys on Monday, unless the kittens come before then. I'll include pictures as soon as they arrive.


Napoleon loves the snow, but only if he's safe inside!!

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