April 1, 2008

Ugly Kittens finally arrive!!

Author: Napoleon

Here I was a plannings on being a good uncle kitteh, but geesh thems some ugly alien hatchlings my sista Belle had today! Wowies thems needs some kinda of special lovings, cause not even Belle will go nears the big pink one. I really is interested in her telling us all how that set of twin aliens happened? She keeps insistings it was a normal run of the mill tomcat, but we has photographic proofs now that this was some weird alien hibreed or somefing!!

naaaahhh...its just APRIL FOOLS!!! we still has no kittens as of 10pm april 1st. Momma is getting frustrated and poor Belle is really funny to watch when she twys to groom herself..hehehe. Its so funny cause she ends up rolling to the side instead and then she gets this funny look on her face and pretends taht she meanted to do that.

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