Jan 30, 2008

Author: Napoleon

I got tagged again for the three new things Meme. I was tagged by TamraMaew. Its ok thoughs, cause I do have three new things to tell you all abouts!

If you look at this picture, you can see the new thing....

Yup, I has pink claws. I is not amused.....

2. I has descovered thats even though I is wif out my danglybits, I still feel urges! ooops! Someone must has left me wif a bit of the testerony!

3. I has learned that the way to get your demands met quickly is to do the Meezer Scream at 3am! Momma lady jumps out of her sleepytime right quick then! Course, you do has to live wif the consequences....so its important to has an exit strategies!

Thats my meezer rule of the week too... the number 3 new fing about me.
Learning how to get what you want is importants, but always leaves yourself a quick way outs!

Jan 27, 2008

Author: Hunter

Since my brofur Napoleon and I are two swinging and hip nuetered kittehs, we've been allowed to go outside for brief periods of time. We wanted to go out tonight, this is what we saw......

BRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I finks even the plants be cold!!

Just incase your wondering our big outdoor sista, Empress Tao, and our big outdoor brofur, Ceasar, are doing just fine. They have a big blue blankie and they has an extra box wif another blankie in it. I is jealous of that blue soft blankie, I fink it needs to come back inside so I can snuggle it some mores, but then my outdoor fambily mights get cold, I guess they can keeps it awhile longer.

Sometimes our sista and brofur share their warmth, sometimes they is in different boxes, like tonight....

Ceasar, my meezer big brofur

Empress Tao, my tortieshell sista

January 26, 2008

Napoleon and Great Grandma

I was just messing with the video capabilities of my new camera, and I got this cute video by accident! I like it because Napoleon places his paw on Great Grandma's leg as if to lay claim to her, then he looks up at her and she looks down at him...its one of those AWWW moments, if you mute it. ;)

Jan 25, 2008

Author: Belle

This is the tracking of Momma's new camera. It shipped from NJ on the 23rd! It appears to be in our town already, they must have them transporters teleporters I have heard so much about!!!
Momma might get it in the mail today, I is pretty sure! And she is sooooo excited!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!

Electronic Shipping Info Received, January 23, 2008
Processed, January 23, 2008, 10:55 pm, KEARNY, NJ 07032
Processed, January 25, 2008, 3:24 am, PORTLAND, OR 97218
Arrival at Unit, January 25, 2008, 8:02 am, WILLAMINA, OR 97396

Hopefully this weekend Momma will has her new camera and she will figure its out quickly. Then the next pictures of my beautiful southern belle self will be with the new and bestest camera that we has ever had!!

Camera did arrive today! Battery isn't charged, should take 6 hours, so will have to wait to really try it out till tomorrow.

Jan 23, 2008

Oh my, can you believe your eyes?

Author: Napoleon

Well it took almost 2 weeks, but here I is...sitting wif Great Grandma!!!!
Cans you believe I am sooooo brave? Great loves to petted me and she says I is the pretty one. hehehe, she knows a good thing when she sees it!

I is eagerly waiting for Momma to get her new camera. She finally gotted around to ordering it from a new person. It should be processed in 2 more days, then probablys 3days to ship. Amazon is great for gettings cheaper prices, howevers, they is really really slows when it comes to getting items. 10 days ago Momma ordered speakers for her computer ands they just arrived todays! She had to get speakers when she realized that the new bigg monitor did nots have any built in speakers. Momma was flabbergasted! Why woulds they not have built in speakers? Don'ts they realize she has to hear what she is seeings? Anyways, they is JBL duet speakers and they costed about 45 green papers. They has great sounds! Way betters then you would expect for the price! Here is a link that should show you the speakers....Amazon's page with the speakers

Jan 21, 2008

A brand new Meme created by www.tigmuthep.blogspot.com

Author: Hunter
It's nice and simple, all you need to do is tell everyone 3 things that are new with you! Link it back to www.tigmuthep.blogspot.com and the purrson who gave it to you (which was tigmuthep!) and pass it on to 3 more kitties you'd like to know more about! :)

So here goes, the 3 things that are new with me are:

1. I has been outsides lately. And I am not impressed, I want back inside right away!

2. I got a new scratching post. It has a birdhouse like condo at the top. I loves it!

3. I has gained a bit of weights, Momma says I is the fattest kitteh eva. But I know she still loves me!!

We is gonna pass this meme on to....


Monty Q


Jan 18, 2008 -2nd post

Ramses Gave us this award on Thursday, but forgotted to tell us! lol So we is posting it extra late tonights in addition to our normal bloggie post.

Jan 18, 2008

Snug as a bug in a.....basket

Author: Belle

Momma thinks I is either gonna go in heat or I is preggo...but I is still not telling. Lately I has been more vocal and much much more friendly. When I was a kitten, I was the friendliest kitten ever...but when I got to be about 4-5 months old, I became a little more stand offish. Now however, I purr and meow and want to be in your lap. I could just be messing with Momma's mind, or I could be preggo or going to go into heat. I'm gonna make the world guess. ;)

Oh and Momma is still having some issues with Amazon. She got some great emails from Crutchfield and she really wishes that they would have been able to fill the order she had made, as they have a great customer service department and always reply within one business day, many times within an hour!! Which as many beans know, is almost unheard of!!

Anyway Momma says that Amazon had first told her they couldn't issue a refund until the 25th! OMG was Momma ticked or what!?! Then this morning she gets an email from them stating that the order had been canceled and that her credit card hadn't been charged. Well since Momma had used a bank card this time, its still showing as a pending charge. She finks that maybe the bank will clear it tonight when they do their maintence or whatever. She doesn't know, but since that 300 green papers is still tied up, she can't order the camera to take my lovey pictures!! And of course whenever she finally gets around to ordering the camera, it will still take up to a week for it to be processed and then shipped. Sighs!! It seemed like such a great deal, save 50 dollars by ordering it online!

She also ordered some Soft Claws for us, I'm hoping they don't show up neither cause she told me that I has to wear them to stop me destroying the furniture. But I loves scratching everything! Its my job as a kitty! How can I redesign those stuffy looking sitting places to be more fuzzy if I can't use my claws?

Jan 17, 2008

Author: Momma

Its been a rough few days, so I thought I would update instead of letting the furry ones do it. I recently ordered a camera through Amazon, and they used a third party seller. I was ok as this camera was 50 dollars cheaper then I could find it anywhere else.

However I recieved an email from the third party,Crutchfield, and they stated they were out of stock and that according to Amazon policy they had 30 days to fill the order.

Well, I had paid 3 dollars extra shipping to get it shipped to me in 2 days. I need and want that camera last week...thats why I paid extra to get it. Geesh! So anyway, they didn't know when they would get it...ect. I kept checking on Amazon to see if I could find it cheaper, then I would cancel the order and get it from someone else who could deliver when promised.
I finally see that Crutchfield was again offering the camera at the same price and they were saying they would have them in stock on FEB 5th!!! I'm not willing to wait till then before they even ship me the camera! Plus they never bothered to email me letting me know that they wouldn't have it in stock till the 5th. Once they found out that there was no way I was getting my camera this month they should have emailed me asap.

So I wrote them and canceled the order. They wrote back saying sorry for the problem ect. No biggie...except for the fact that the charge is still showing up on my bank account as a pending charge!

So I wrote Amazon, they said I need to take it up with Crutchfield.

Crutchfield says Amazon never paid them, and I need to take it up with Amazon.

Since its still a "pending" charge I can't use that 300 dollars to purchase anything else, or it would show up as an overdraft(cause my bank is just that nice). I do have the money in my account as it hasn't been paid out, however I can not purchase the camera until that money is freed from being held as a "pending charge". GRRRRR!!!!!!

All I wanted was a new camera...sigh. So that is why the kittys aren't in here. I don't have new pictures and I don't have the patients to listen to their meows and tryto help them type. ;)

Jan 14, 2008

Ooooh cools!!

Author: Hunter

Someones gave us anofer award! We is neat! But we is also kittehs that is berry traumatized by the lossing of the Seattle Seahawks. Momma was alreadys mad at them because they wasn't playing so great during the regular seasons, then they blew it. So we is all traumatiseded! But its ok too...cause we has a second team that Momma loves and we can still root for them. Momma was worried if both teams made it to the playoffs, she mights have a conflict and not know who to root for during the big Soup Bowl. But since the birdies have flown away, now the Patriots are totally gonna have no trouble eating all the soup in the bowl. Go PATS~!

We has recently been tagged about three times for the 7 weird things meme, but we has all done it already, so Momma wants us to make up a new meme. She is hopings it original, but if not...we totally thoughts it was.

So here goes:

This meme is created by all of the kittehs at www.petspics.blogspot.com The rules are, you have to post who tagged you and link back to them and to us! :) Then you have to tag 3 other kittehs, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animals.

What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?

1. We would totally get up on the top shelf in the puter room where all the forbidden plants are. They is so far up there, but they look just right for a bitey attack!!! YUMS!

2. We would love to try to drive the big machine with four wheels. We don't thinks any kittehs has done that before. We would use it to go to the kitteh food place and buy all the yummy Whiskas wet food pouches wif the tuna!!

3. We would likes to figure out the paypal accounts of momma and purchase all the kitteh toys ever mades and has them rush order delivered. But only if we could totally act surprised and like we has no idea where they came from. ;)

we is gonna tag:




Good luck and enjoy coming up with fun and unique Thing You Would Do....

Jan 11, 2008

Looks what we gots!!

Author: Belle aka Squishy
Somebody love us!! I think it might have been Ramses! and the award was started by someone named Colin

Well I was going to update earlier today, but its been very hectic since Great moved in with us. It was a very traumatic day for Hunter, Napoleon and Momma. Raowr and I were good kittys and let Momma put us in the bedroom.

See this is how it happened... Momma has one rule about her home. You must call at least 5 minutes before showing up. She prefers that you call at least an hour in advance, but even 5 minutes is better then just showing up. See that extra time gives her a moment when we are all relaxed and she can herd us into the bedroom. If there are no other people around, we go quietly. However, this time everyone forgot to call. Momma thought that Grandma and Auntie Sopha and Auntie Naomi were going to come over around 3pm. Instead they showed up without calling at noon!! OOOPS!! So the moving vehicle shows up, and Momma was in the middle of moving the furntiture and had to drop everything to try and grab us to put us in the bedroom where its safe and quiet. The front door opens 5 seconds later and there is the whole human herd! They has their arms full and is coming into our house. Momma had managed to get Raowr and I safely into the room. But Napoleon took one look at the invaders and jumped on top of the fridge and then on top of the shelves, knocking things all over the place. He found a good place and didn't come down till night time. Hunter freaked out, and couldn't get into the bedroom cause the door was shut to keep Raowr and me in there. So he ran up and down the hallway getting in the way and freaking out. Momma tried to catch him, but she fell down hard and broke the laundry doors. Hunter finally hid behind the couch till after everyone left.

You would think this was enough trauma for us all, but Napoleon is still very skitterish and won't come near GreatGrandma, even though she doesn't move fast or talk loud or anything. He's being silly. I've let her touch me, though I still prefer Momma. Raowr loves the extra lap, but she and Hunter and I all still trying and squish Momma when she is sitting down. I think in a few days I might climb on Great's lap, but I'm making her earn the privelage of petting and holding me.

Oh I know everyone is interested in what I did when I escaped the other day, but I'm not telling! I'm gonna keep you all guessing and make Momma tell you in about 20 days. Though now she thinks I should be called Squishy Belle because I remind her of that movie Finding Nemo..."I'll call him Squishy". She says I am very squishy, but I've been that way my whole life. You would never know I might have muscles and bones under all my fur...cause I'm so squishy. I'm very relaxed most of the time and tend to go limp at a moments notice. I think its an art form! ;)

Ps. Can you see three kittys in this photo?

Only Napoleon refused to stay near GreatGrandma, the rest of us are getting more use to her.

Jan 9, 2008

Can you see who's trying to edge into my photo??

Author: Napoleon

Today is my normal bloggings day, but I blog-hogged all weekend. Momma says she doesn't have alots of time to help me wif the bloggie today since Great Grandma, Grandma and Auntie Sopha is comings today. They is gonna bring Great's stuff since she is movings in wif us. She is gonna live here wif us forever and ever, so we is verry happys. Now I gets another lap to sits on!

Yesterdays Momma was watching the tv and three of us had to smoosh onto her lap and legs...now we wills have another lap to sits on and the bestest part is that since Great doesn't walks so good anymore, she will sits a long time...so we don't has to get annoyed when the bean gets up to do stuff!

Anofer great thing about having Great move in wif us is that one of the Forbidden Rooms was opened up and there is a great big comfy bed in there. Which means, when its bed time, we will have anofer bean to climb all over. Momma tosses and turns alot when she is getting all comfy and sometimes we gets digruntleds. Now, if she annoys us too much we cans go sleep wif Great.

We will try to visit, but probably won'ts get a chance till at least the weekend since Momma has to take Great to the store and to the beanvet this week. We wanted to let you know...especially Isis, so she didn'ts fink we forgotted her.

Jan 7, 2008

See how unamused I is?

Author: Napoleon

Okays, the last fing I was talkings about was when we stayeds at Gwandma's house after the twamatic carwide. I meowled all nights. I stills didn't gets no food!
The morning times came and Momma cruewly shoveds me backs in the PTU. I is berry upsets by this!! I am meowlings for the whole 20 quillion minutes carride.
We awwived at this wittle place. Its waining outsides, but I is in a PTU so I don't get too wets. Then we has to wait a squillion years while woofies is bawking and hawassing me in my wittle blue carrier. I is not amused.I hiss ands lets them know who is the king of the world.
Thens comes the indiginaties and the horrible tortures! I is taken by my Momma into a tiny rooms. She takes me outs of the horrible little PTU (prisoner transport unit) and holds me. She petteds me and kwissings me, but that is only to soffens me up! This horrible little man sticks somfing up my bum!! OH MY! it was even colds!!
This ladys comes in and she is pettings me and she tells my Momma thats " all the techs will be so happy and pet him alot cause they really love siamese-mixes"
So, I is thinking...hmm, okays, this might noits be so bads after all. WELL! Momma hands me over to this lady!?! I can'ts believe it, Momma is weaving me here? UM, MOMMA??!! MEOWLE! MEOW! MEEEEOOOOOOWWWLLLE!!

I can hear her leavings me! But she doesn't come backs for a long long times! So they takes me back and the techs ooh and ahh over me, and trys to pets me...but I is not in the mood. I wants my Momma, and my brofur and my sistas!

Then the insidious techs stick me wif some truf serum! Now I knows what they wants, they want my secwet plans to take over the woirld! Oh, they finks they is so cunnings...but they shall not get my secwets. I has twained for this a long time and I don't tells them what theys want to know. I petwend I don'ts speak bean, I just meow pitifuls and eventually they leave me alones. I start to feel a wittle sweepy though...I fhinks I shall take a long naps....zzzzmeowzzzzz.

I wake from my long nap. I stwetch and I feel a little woozy. My excellents cooridinations is off. What was in fhat truf serum? I feel funny. I can'ts walk, my wegs are wobblys. My normally perfects eyesight is blurry, my mouf feels like someone dumpeded sawdust in its. I decide to rewax a bit more. After anofer hour and the techs comings in and out all the time I is finaly alones in my tiny metal prison. There is no foods in here, but a little tiny bits of water. I dwinks it and my mouf feels a wittle better. My tummy isn't in the moods for foods yet..but I is needing to use the witterbox soon. There is no witterbox?! um, TECHS!!??!! I needs a witterbox! I start to groom myself, hopings they will get the hints. I groom my beautiful face and body and thens...HEY WHAT THE...where are my dangly bits??? !!!OH THE HORRORS!! They stole my dangly bits!! I is so heartbroken. How cans I be a truely manly mancat wifout my dangly bits? Will my love Isis still love me? Well I knows she had a fling wif Dan, but I am sure she will comes back to me. Pehaps all is not lost. I is going to have to get back at Momma for leaving me wif these tortures theifs though. Oh and I STILL has to use a witterbox! I can'ts wait...uhoh, I is gonna have an accident!

Now they notice whats I was trying to tell thems. I stink now and am all yucky. The techs take me outs of the metal prison. Now they hose me off wif water!?! OH this is the worstest day eva!! I is dripping wets and too groggy to regroom myself. ewww. I still stinks a wittle bit. Now they is shoving me in the PTU and carrying me outs of the torture rooms. Wait, who is this? Its MOMMA!! Oh thank goodness, you are here to rescue me from these horrible peoples!! I begin meowling, quietly to let her know how unhappy I is.

Momma takes me away from that horrible place after giving them some green paper, I assume it was some form of ransom payment to get me back. I don't think she had to pay much, but I am sure it was worth it to rescue me. I is stinking up the car now, the techs said Momma can't bathe me till 10 days. So when we get backs to Grandmas house she puts me in the bathroom wif a witterbox and a bowl of water. I immedietly climb in the witterbox and pee alots more. WHEW! I feel betters, but I still stinky..the PTU is stinky, my spongebob blankie is stinky. Momma cleans everything but me. I is suppose to do that myself. But I is too sleepy, so she gets me a clean towel and I curl up.

Later I get around to cleanings myself up. I still not interested in food, but I drink a wittle bit of water. I is all coordinateds again. I am ready to go homes!!!
Finally after many many hours, Momma takes me home. When we finally gets there, Belle is on the front porch scweaming her head off. SHe is ready to come insides too! So we all four are reunited at the sames time. Belle and Hunter sniff noses. I sniff Raowr and then Belle then Hunter. Ok, I finks we is all here. I is going back to sweep....zzzmeowzzz...danglybits....zzzzzz...dasterdly feinds....zzzmeowzzzz

Jan 5, 2008

Author: Napoleon

Just gonna update at the top for those thats be worried about Belle, she is home and safe.

Now abouts my trauma!! Omg, When you wast read Belle had run out the door and Momma couldn't catch her. After trying and tryings, she had to just give up for that day. She finally came back inside. Thens she grabbed me, the good kitteh who did nots run outsids, and she petted me and kisseh me. Then she stuffed me in a PTU, the blue torture chamber! I begans to let her know I was not amused! She lockeded up the house and carryd me outs to the car. I has never ever bens in a car before. I was bery bery upsets!! I MEOWLED and HOWLEDED and lets my pityiful voice declares to all that I was being kittehnapped and transported against me will.

Momma kepts talking to me and sayings stuff like "don't be a big baby" and " Raowr never meowed at all and she is just a bitty baby". Well i nevers! I is bigger and bravers, but I hasn't been in the PTU before or a car. I has a right to be upsets, after all I is a Meezer!

So thens we had a LONG dwive of abouts an hour. We wents to Gwandmas house to stay the nights. I was not greeteds wif nice yummy wetfoods or tweats or nofing!! I was puts in Mommas woom and she was in theres wif me. There was a witter box and a bowl of water, butts no FOOD!! Oh I was so super not amused!

By this time it was pwetty late and Momma saids it was time for beds. I had sniffed everywheres and I could tells that this was where Raowr had gone when she disappeared for a few days at Chrissymouse and then again earlier this week. I was not that comforted. I meowled.....all night long. Momma twied to comfort me and petted me. I would gets quiet for a wittle bit, then I would starts up again. Momma wasn't amused. I wauffed inside cause nows she knows how I feels about the PTU!

After the traumatics car ride and overnight stay at some stwange place...the twauma continued!!

Tomorrow I will twy to finish this story...buts if not I will definetly finish it on Monday.

Jan 4, 2008

Author: Napoleon

I knows that sometimes it be days for ovher kittehs to be postings, but I has some traumatics tale to tells you so I is writings.
This is hows it happeneded....Momma and Great came home on Tuesday and dropped off Raowr, she be very sad that Momma left her at the house...anyways, Momma took Great to lunch at the casino and then decided since it be a few days till my "snip" she would come back on Thursday and take me to Grandmas house. She would be able to keeps me from eating the night before snippurgy and there woouldn'ts be any ovher kittehs to harrass me whens I get all loopy.
Well, Momma shows up berry late Thursday and Raowr is like OMG MOMMA!!!! and she was following her around, getting under her feet and generally letting Momma knows that she be very upset that she hasn't seen her in two whol days! Momma was trying to empty the witterboxes and get the Prisonbox ready for me. She had gones to the door to takes the witter out to the garabagss and Raowr ran outsides!! Momma was berry quick though and was able to grabs her and tuck her back into the houses. Thens Momma goes out to put the stuff in the garbabges and doesn't rewaise that the door was oppens a crack! So all the kittehs decided it was jailbreaks time, excepting for me...cause I is good.
Momma was quickly able to get Raowr back in the house, and after a few minutes Hunter meandered back to the porch and Momma grabbeded hims too. But Belle is a berry berry bad girl! She kept out of reach and wouldn't let Momma catch her, Momma tried all the tricks...wet foods, the lazer pointers, coming from behinds...stuff likes that. It didn't works. Belle used to be ans outdoor kitteh, but since her ladygarden snippurgy isnt' tills Feburary Momma didn't want her to be outside so we would not has any bebbys.
Now, when Belle FINALLY comes back inside which will probably be in a day or two...now Momma has to waits 30 days to make sure someone isn't getting a tummy full of accidents! It takes like 55-64 days for a kitteh to hatch, but you can usually tells in 30 days cause someone gets fat.
Momma isn't reweally worried about Belle, though she is upset and anxious for her to not gets preggnant. She is tellings the outdoor kitteh feed person to keep an eye out for her and puts out extra foods for her. When she drops me off tonight or tomorrow morning, she is hoping to be able to catch her. Fingers and paws cwossed for that.
After all this story, there is still even more traumtics just abouts me....I will wrights more tomorrow.