Nov. 30, 2006

Today MeiLin was the Cat of the day over on Kat's Cat of the day blog!

This is MeiLin getting the news! Doesn't she look surprised! lol
Here is a link to the blog that has the Cat of the Day. I will add it to my link list over on the right hand side, incase I forgot to already! :)

Nov. 29, 2006

Ceasar keeping warm in the box.

I have two kinds of boxes on the front porch for the kitties to snuggle up in. Both of them have fluffy warm towels at the bottom. One is this cardboard box, and the other is an old purple plastic storage bin. Its big enough for both Ceasar and Empress to snuggle in, but Empress (her royal highness) says "No way am I sharing!" and thats that...Once she makes up her mind, you better just give in. :)

Nov. 28, 2006

Pepper really loved playing in the snow.

I wish I would have had a video camera to capture Pepper playing in the snow. As the flakes would come down, he would leap high in the air trying to catch them. He would chase snowballs that were rolled on the ground, pouncing on them and trying to toss them high up. Cute!!

Update on Mystery Meezer and Ringo,

Turns out that both of these kitties belong in a neighborhood thats not too far away. Apparently they do both have owners, just really really bad ones! The kitties are welcome to come up to my house and eat anytime. My two outdoor kitties are enjoying the extras I've been giving them and have each gained 2 or 3 pounds. When its really cold out, its important they have extra fat insulation as well as a nice safe, warm, and dry place to sleep.

Nov. 27, 2006

Empress explores the snow.

Late last night a small bit of snow came in, maybe an inch. Of course the cats refuse to listen to my good advice to stay inside and warm, they decided that they had to figure out what this wet cold stuff was. Thankfully I've been overfeeding the outdoor kitties, so my two have added about 3 pounds of insulation. ;)

Nov 24, 2006

MeiLin meets Ringo

A few days ago a new kitten showed up on my front porch. He was bawling, wet, cold, and starving. Of course I have a super soft heart for animals, so I put out extra food. He's been camped out on the front porch ever since. I brought him in to introduce him to MeiLin since they are about the same age. I don't want to rush it, but I would like to get a companion for her maybe after I get my yearly raise. So, I'm going to see if Ringo gets along with her...and then get him neutered and make him an indoor kitty.
Oh, the reason I named the new boy kitten Ringo is he has this tail you wouldn't believe. When its cold or he is startled it fluffs up huge and its also unusually long with bands of lighter grey that make ring patterns. He holds it straight up and curved slightly kind of like a Lemur does. Its a cute cat, but I don't know if you can tell in that photo...he is so incredibly thin. I can feel every bone in his body. Poor baby!!
There is something thats starting to bother me though, I don't know if my neighborhood is filled with bad pet owners who starve their pets. Or if people are coming up to the wooded area behind the developement and dumping off their animals thinking that they will hunt mice in the woods and live happy and free? This is the second stray that was obviously someone's pet that has shown up at my house.
I still have Mystery Meezer, but she is scared of the new arrival and I worry she isn't getting her share of the food. I'm gonna have to get another food bowl and put it in a different spot away from the others in a hope that she will get more in her skinny little body. She's still too thin, even though I've been feeding her since halloween. I wonder if she has worms? I can't afford a vet visit, but if she has worms then she'll give them to the other cats too. I'll have to go to Wilco (farm store) and get some worm medicine just to be on the safe side and treat all the cats.

Nov 22, 2006

MeiLin attacking the sparkles on my shirt.

I'm heading off for the family thanksgiving, sorry didn't post anything earlier this week, I'll try to post another picture on friday. Everyone stay safe on the roads and get back home in one piece. Oh yeah, MeiLin says bring some turkey home for her!

Nov 17, 2006

MeiLin enjoys the tiny box.

The box is moved to different locations, but MeiLin finds it everytime.

If I can't fit in it, I shall play around it!

I got a box with my dvd's in it today, and MeiLin seems to enjoy her new "toy". Recycling is fun, with the help of your kitty! :)

Nov 15, 2006

This is MeiLin's new favorite spot for naps.

It took her awhile to warm up to the new couch, but once she realised the back was perfect for naps thats been her new favorite spot. The back cushions are attached to the sturdy back, so they form a nice little platform. Now she completely ignores the wonderful basket with blanket that use to be a good napping

Nov. 13, 2006

A picture from this last summer

This is an old picture of Pepper, Rajjah, and Carmelita playing in the shade. I miss her so much! And I miss the sun, its rained everyday this month.

Nov. 11, 2006

MeiLin gets an all fish channel, all the time, television!

Just like a human, she watches the new tv all day and half the night. I visited my friend on friday and her roommate wanted to get rid of the tank with fish and I said, sure, I'd take it off her hands. :) MeiLin thinks its a new toy just for her, so now she's not so ticked I didn't bring the black feather thingie home with us.

Nov. 10, 2006

Oh Yes, WonderKitty was at it again.

I heard a loud bang and went to discover MeiLin was once again on top of the bathroom door. She must leap up there from somewhere, but she gives it away when the door swings and slams into the wall. Thankfully she only stays up there just long enough for me to snap a few pics, but still...very Naughty kitty!

Nov. 9, 2006

MeiLin gets freaked out by Dr. Phil

This is when we were still at my mother's house. MeiLin loves watching tv, but some of the shows get a different reaction. Right after this picture was taken she puts her paw on the screen and then decideds to jump almost straight in the air and take off. You can tell she's all blurry cause she's about to freak out. Murphy was napping and couldn't care less what was on tv. Was very funny to watch her reaction.

I was talking with my mother yesterday and I told her, that the feelings I get from having MeiLin in my life are very different from when I had my darling Rajjah. MeiLin brings alot of laughter and joy, and Rajjah caused more of a sweet, slightly maternal enviroment around her. Though its almost been two months since I lost her, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her and miss her so much. Every once in a while I think I hear her special meow. She was a very special kitty that has an important place in my heart. Though the pain of losing Rajjah will never go away, MeiLin's presence has lifted some of my sorrow and allowed me to laugh once again.

Update on the Mystery Meezer, I've run ads and asked around but no one knows to whom the MM belongs. She has been hanging around eating daily, but I don't spend alot of time outdoors when its raining (been raining 10days straight!!)I think that she is confused, because she really wants the human company...but ugh, its cold and rainy...I have a front porch thats nice and dry, but I don't like standing out there in the cold and damp. The cats have all found the decks to be great places to get out of the weather but I'm working on building a waterproof shelter for the front porch so I can keep an eye on them this cold season.

Nov. 8. 2006

You weren't planning on going anywhere without me where you??

I'm too cute not to smuggle in your luggage!

Sorry about the blur factor but she saw my finger touching the Click button and it takes about 10 seconds from the click to the actual picture...or so it seems. She hears the click or sees my finger moving and that gets her all perked up for a game of chase the bean's fingers.
My best photos of her are when she's sleeping or just waking up...since she isn't blurry then, like this photo of her from last night.

Nov. 7, 2006

I have no fear, I am WonderKitty!

This is MeiLin up on the top of the door in the bathroom. She has no fear! I wish she would have stood still for a second so I could get the camera focused, but my guess is she just wanted to get up there to see what it would be like...she jumped down right after I snapped this pic.

November 6, 2006

This is MeiLin at my mom's house playing with a black feather boa.

She stops playing long enough for me get an unblurry pic (sortof)!

MeiLin here, I snucked in the typity room when my bean went to get more coffees. tee hee hee. She's been keeping me outs of the typity room cause last times I snucked in and played with the dangling things behinds the big machine. Hows was I suppose to know it would make everythings go all black and fritzy? Good things I'm super cutes. Thats what the bean says all the time, mostly afters I do something against these mysterious "rules". I can't figure out what "rules" mean, but I break them alots...I like breakings things...mostly if it makes lots of noise, it needs to be broked!

Now about this here two photos she's postings today, they don't do just-ices to the joys of a whole toy made alls out of feathers. Oh the joys, the sheer extacys! I trieded real hard to make the bean bring it with us whens we leaved to come back home. But she said it belong to her neice and wasn't really a kitty toy. What? Everythings is a kitty toy and everythings belongs to me! Beans, what you gonna do? Haven't they figured out that cats are the centers of the universe and the rightful rulers of all?
Uh oh, I hears the footsteps. I got to scoot before I gets caught...hehehe. I'll sneaks in agains when the bean forgets about the dangling toys behind the typity machine.

November 3, 2006

Another picture of the mystery Meezer when she met MeiLin.

Good mews everybody! The mystery Meezer was on my neighbors porch when I returned home today!!! She started meowing up a storm once she realised the food provider was I had my 2 cats, plus Pepper already on my front porch bawling for food, so I put theirs out then braved the pouring rain to lure Mystery Meezer over to my house. I put food down a safe distance from the other kitties and she started eating right away. Looks like I have two wayward souls to feed in addition to my three faithful companions this winter. I'll just buy an extra bag of food each month. I can't take on the vet responsiblities of two more kitties but its my hope that if no one claims the Mystery Meezer I can adopt her out to a new wonderful home. I'm still working on getting the neighbor to give up Pepper so I can place him with another home, specially since they never ever feed him, but the only way they will give him up is if I keep him forever( so the kids could still play with him without responsibility is my guess), and I just can't afford all the shots, and neutering of four kitties. I know my financial limit is three cats, though I do take in strays frequently and feed them up to a good weight and then adopt them out to new homes. But the annual vet bill of four or more is just a bit more then I can handle. I'd have 15 kitties, if I could afford it. :)
The Mystery Meezer is very friendly to other people, but not to other she'd have to go to a 1 pet only home. But other then being thin, she appears to be in good health. About the same age as MeiLin maybe a month or so older, but under a year old.