July 27, 2007

Feeling Fine Friday

Momma had to mess with this pic because of something called red eye, I don't know what that means...but I think my eyes look funny now. Oh well, at least I get to be the feeling fine feline this week. Momma says she's gonna try and get a pic of each of us kitties looking like we are chillin or feeling fine and spotlight each one on a different friday. Apparently no one has mentioned my royal heritage to her recently. I am after all, Emperor Napoleon!! I think that means I outrank my brother Ceasar, and my sister Empress Tao and of course my other brother Hunter...he doesn't have a royal name at all!! Henceforth, I should always be first in everything...even if I am the last kitty on the scene.
Momma's leaving on Saturday afternoon for her trip, and I haven't figured out if she's gonna let me type something real quick on those inbetween check-ups. She says she barely has time to empty the litterbox. I say, Momma you better bring me some good nip and treats and toys and let me have unlimited access to the so called forbidden room. I'ms tired of only gettings to blog, I wants to surf the net and find me an all royal girl kitty site to find my future love, I'm growing up fast you know! And I wants temptations and lots and lots of endless pettings when you get back...then maybes I'll forgive you.

July 25, 2007

Wrestling Wednesday

Thank you to all the kitties and beans who said I (Napoleon!)was the cutest one. And for those of you who said we were equally as cute or that Hunter was cute...well, I shall leave a steaming present for you! Mwaaahaaahaa! (lol)

Momma says she's getting ready for a trip soon. I don't know what that means, but Hunter says she goes away for a really long time and that she stops in every couple of days to empty the litter box, fill the water bowl, and importantests of all....fill the food thingie. My momma has weird business trips. She says its not feasible to stay overnight at home, but that she can steal 3 hours to come home and make sure we is ok. Plus she has the neighbor girl peek in the cat viewing window and make silly faces at us, while she is feeding the outdoor kitties everyday. WE have a special food dispenser that is really big, but the outdoor kitties don't have one cause of the 'coons. I haven't seen one of these things, but momma says they is verrrry big and eats lots of kitty food. Are they masked kitties? Why are they eating my big outdoor brother and sister's foods? Were they invited for dinner??

Anyways, momma says she'll try to post something from her momma's house where there is a momma kitty and 5 babies under the house, as well as two orange indoor/outdoor kitties. Momma stays at her momma's house when she is on her trips... I guess I'm still too little to figure out why I can't come with her. I promised to only half way terrorize the grandma's house if she would lets me come, but momma says not this time. We shall have to drag all of the toys out and leave them everywhere so that when momma stops by, she will trip on them....then she'll know she should have broughts us, well...at least me...hehehe.

PS...Momma found this and giggled hissssterically, I don't think its that funny, but you judge.

July 23, 2007

Artsy Kitty

Its not fair that my friend Luxor always gets the cute black and white photos! I messed around with a photo momma just took and I think I looks real handsome in black in white. I'm gonna add the original photo too, you decide. Course, cause my colors pretty close to black and white...its pretty similar.

My brother, Hunter, is all black so momma says black and white photos don't work for him...hehe, guess I'm best!

Eh hmmmm! Hunter breaking in here. You is not best you little stinker! I'm older, I'm bestest!!!! Momma, add a picture of me too...show everyone how handsomes and shiny I is!
Ok, kids!! Behave yourselves!!...here's a photo of Hunter..click to biggify and don't forget to comment about how shiny he is, or I'll never hear the end of it!

July 20, 2007

Feeling Fine Friday

Momma says she had it out with the "net" peoples and everything is ok now. I is really glad about that. I love my net and all the cool bloggies and fine felines out there!
As you can tell in this picture, momma is making me where a collar now. I had a really fun time trying to get it off the first time she put it on. I had to holler alot cause I could get one paw in there but then couldn't get my paw back. Momma came to my rescue but she was giggling an awful lot!
She says I have to wear it cause I is soooo small and she is tired of almost steping on me when she doesn't see me hiding around the corner or just under the bed or wherever I end up. The bells let her know I'm coming tearing down the hallway too.

Now its not fair!!! Use to be just Hunter had the bells, and I could always trick him and pounce on him...and now, he knows I'm coming. :( NO FAIR!!!!
I demand a new silent collar, I must have my stealth abilities so I can truely play hide and pounce. I use to win that game all the time!!


So sad today~~~UPDATED~~~~

UPDATE: After going down the to local office of my internet provider, was able to find out the problems are infact being addressed and I have decided to remain a customer. Napoleon will do a regular posting on Friday. Thanks everyone!

After much problems with my stupid internet provider I am going offline. It might be awhile before I can get back online, and I definetly won't be able to add pictures to my blog until I do, but I promise when I get the opportunity at different computers I will update with little stories.

Thank you all for reading my blog and I hope to be back someday soon. Take care of your furry ones and your beans.

July 16, 2007

I love my big brother!!!

Here I am snuggled up again with my brother, Hunter. This is one of the few kinds of pictures my momma can get, because its the only time I'm not running all over the place. I've discovered its lots of fun to run across momma back and forth in the morning. Eventually she gets up, and I can attack her toes!!

My momma says I shoulds talk about some interesting things about myself that you might not know. So here is 3 things you might not knows about me:

1. I have a tiny kink in my tail.
You probably can't even see it, but when momma gives scritches and pets she says she feels it there.

2. I love cheese!!
Momma made the mistake of giving me a taste of cheese when she was cooking, now I sit under her feet when she goes in the kitchen and I let out a meow if she forgets to give me a bite!!

3. I love to jump off of stuff.
I think its super duper fun to climb up really high and jump! Momma thinks I'm a daredevil and can't believe how high I will climb. I likes to get up as high as possible and make a flying leap. I don't really jump, I hurtle myself out into space and I feel likes I am flyin!!!

And now its time to go beg my brother to play a game of hide and pounce~! See you all on wednesday!

July 13, 2007

Mom!! He's ruining my closeup!!!

Happy friday the 13th! My momma says thats a special day, but I don't know why. Anyway as you can tell in this photo, my big brother Hunter had to stick his paw infront of my face just as mom was about to take MY close up! He's my bestest bud sometimes and a royal pain in my cute tushy other times.

Mom says she finally got the internet to work, but I think she's been holding out on me so she can hog it! Anyways, next week she says she'll let me post on monday, wednesday, and friday and that she's gonna make that "our" blogging days. I don't know what all this "our" is about cause I'm the one sitting here tippity typitting all the night long while she sleeps. Ohhh, that reminds me, time to run across her face to let her know I'm still awake...hehehe
See you all on monday, be careful of the black kitties this friday the 13th...unless they are named Hunter, Grr, Cocoa,or Midnight. ;)

July 10, 2007

Tuckered out Tuesday

Sorry we didn't post yesterday, but the internet has been going down all day for the last 2 days. We are barely online right now, just enough to post this and let you know we will be posting in the future.
Enjoy the cute pic of Napoleon and Hunter snuggling together. They really love each other.
I look forward to posting more stuff later this week once they fix the connections out here.

July 8, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

Momma thanks you all for the birthday wishes while I take a nap, see you all on Monday!

July 7, 2007

I'm doing something naughty!!!

Its been hot out lately so in the evenings momma opens up all the doors and windows. Not my fault they have this wonderful new scratching post material. I have to try my new very sharp claws on them!! Momma says "hhhiiissstttt" and "hey, stop that!" Like I know what she's talking about? Its ok, eventually I stopped on my own. Peoples gots to learn who is the real rulers in the relationship, and I'm teaching mine right from the start. (p.s I gots down just fine, no worries)

Hunter lets momma pick him up and do all sort of undignified smoochy things and he lets her rub his tummy alot. I let her know right away that I'm a very aristocratic kitty. I have my furry dignity!! I only let her do those mushy things when I first wake up or right before bed time. I still like to sleep in momma's bed, but now I curl up behind her back down where Hunter sleeps too. I really love my very big brother!! I'm lucky too that Hunter seems to have lots of energy and wants to play almost as much as me. He lets me run around and pounce on him and practice all my wrestling moves on him. Momma says I bonded with him, butI don't know what that means...cause I ain't seen no glues anywhere and I wouldn't like it in my fur anyways!

It my momma's 30th birthday today 7-7-07 (thats alot of 7's!!), so anyways she says I haves to be extra special nice today as her friend is coming to visit with her two twin girls. Momma said she's gonna bring out the flashy thing and take tons of pics, but she doesn't know I plan on hiding under the bed the whole time the drooling things are here! hehehe

July 4, 2007

No more photos today Mom!!!

I have had enough photos today mom, its a holiday!! Besides you said I could look at that cute overload website to see if I'm gonna be on it some day, cause darn it, I is ador-able!!!

HAPPY 4TH Everyone!!! See you after the holiday!

July 2, 2007

Cuddle Time with Hunter, a great Big Brother!

Napolean here again, I still haven't figured out exactly how I want to spell my name...maybe Napoleon maybe Napolean. I guess it depends on if I turn into a big manly kitty or a sleek manly kitty...lol. My new momma tells me for sure I'm a boy, and I say "duh! I knew that!!" But you know peoples, they gots to talk all about stuff we already knows about.

After my second day here and fearlessly conquering the entire bedroom I was ready to step out the doorway where before I just sat there and stared down the hall.
My third day I dared to creep softly down the long hallway and peer at the kitchen and dinning room. I didn't go in either one of them, but I very quickly learned it was fun to run all the way down the hall and back again, ducking behind the bedroom door to pounce on my new favorite big brother. He tells me HE has 3 names, Cashmeer Growlypants Hunter. I asked my new momma why I only gots one name, she said give her time. Hmm, I shall have to purr viciously loud tonight to get my point across! I am conquering her by being incredible adorable, so far the plan is working...she is putty in my little bitty paws...muuuhaha!!!!

Even when I am just relaxing, my cuteness is overpowering you!!!!