July 10, 2007

Tuckered out Tuesday

Sorry we didn't post yesterday, but the internet has been going down all day for the last 2 days. We are barely online right now, just enough to post this and let you know we will be posting in the future.
Enjoy the cute pic of Napoleon and Hunter snuggling together. They really love each other.
I look forward to posting more stuff later this week once they fix the connections out here.


  1. Kavan keeps trying to do that to me, but I just won't let him. But we do manage to sleep close together.


  2. This is a very cute picture! You two seem to be some very sweet cats!

  3. cuddly fuzz and cute little pawsies - purrfect!

  4. I bet you are tucklered out after climbing up the window in that other picture!! You look so cute in both pics!! xx