July 27, 2007

Feeling Fine Friday

Momma had to mess with this pic because of something called red eye, I don't know what that means...but I think my eyes look funny now. Oh well, at least I get to be the feeling fine feline this week. Momma says she's gonna try and get a pic of each of us kitties looking like we are chillin or feeling fine and spotlight each one on a different friday. Apparently no one has mentioned my royal heritage to her recently. I am after all, Emperor Napoleon!! I think that means I outrank my brother Ceasar, and my sister Empress Tao and of course my other brother Hunter...he doesn't have a royal name at all!! Henceforth, I should always be first in everything...even if I am the last kitty on the scene.
Momma's leaving on Saturday afternoon for her trip, and I haven't figured out if she's gonna let me type something real quick on those inbetween check-ups. She says she barely has time to empty the litterbox. I say, Momma you better bring me some good nip and treats and toys and let me have unlimited access to the so called forbidden room. I'ms tired of only gettings to blog, I wants to surf the net and find me an all royal girl kitty site to find my future love, I'm growing up fast you know! And I wants temptations and lots and lots of endless pettings when you get back...then maybes I'll forgive you.


  1. I hope your momma brings you lots of prezents and a whole lotta Temptayshuns and gives you lotsa snugglies when she gets back!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  2. Only a kitten and already such a Royal Posture!
    We hope you get all the Temptations and LOTS of petting!!!

  3. That's a fine pose, there ... I think you're well on the way to a career in modeling!