June 25, 2007

My Second Day

As you can tell, in my second day I progressed from being sole ruler of the bathroom to conquering all of the master bedroom. I fearlessly encountered and won over the great and mighty big kitty who tells me his proper name is Growly Pants the mighty Hunter. I think he makes an excellent pillow! We snuggled right away and he became my new big brother. He tells me he misses his sister, MeiLin, an awful lot and that it makes it a little easier to have another part meezer in the family. My new momma talks about MeiLin too, I never seen her, but I smell where she use to cuddle up on my momma's pillows and I decided thats a great spot to sleep too.

My momma is gonna turn off the computer for a few days cause she's got to go to the hospital for an angiogram, but as soon as she gets home she promised I can get back on and post more adorable pics of my cute Napolean self!

June 22, 2007

I did not need a bath on my first day!!!!

This is Napolean stealing the blog today to introduce myself. I may be only 6 weeks old, but I is a very accomplished and fearless kitty! I will tell you about my first day here at my new home.

First my new mommy came down and picked me out the litter of 5 brofurs and sisfurs. She picked each one of us up and looked at us and cuddled us. I tried the hardest to purr, look adorable, and it worked cause she picked me!

At first she didn't take me home, she waited 2 weeks cause I was still too young to leave my first momma. But then the beans there said theys were worried the viscious doggies that run loose would eat us kittens, so my new mommy came back early and took me home.

She was upset about another kitty who use to lives in the house, but I never met that kitty so I don'ts know about her. I did notice another biiiiigggg kitty in the house, but I didn't really meet hims till the second day.

The first day, my new mommy put me in the kitty bathroom. There was two litterboxes in there and a dish with yummy food and water. I sniffed at everything and decided I would lay on the purple rugs. I stayed in that room the whole first day. I went over every single inch of it. Everytime my new mommy came in the room I would let her pick me up and pet me. I loved her visits. She came in there alot just to visit me and reassure me. I gots me a good new momma. Sometims I hid behind the big people litterbox when the biiiig kitty came in, but for the most part I conquered the room. I held my position for a whole day, before I decided to expand my territory to include mommys sleeping place, but I'll get into that the next time I blog.

Thanks for listenin to my story, I hopes to add the computer room to my permanent territory and conquer the internet soon! P.S. as you can tell, my new momma made me take a bath the first day, she learned her lesson though and I don't thinks I have to ever do that again, lol.
MEeeeOooooW, Napolean out!

June 19, 2007

Not a Tortie, but.....

(UPDATE: Jesse now has a forever home)

I'm gonna put a link in here, if I can remember how....its for Jesse. I have her listed on Craigslist. if you know anyone in Oregon, who is looking to adopt a wonderful little 16 pound dog who needs a forever home, please send them this link.

Several different people who said they would adopt her, have fallen through and I really want her to be in a forever home soon. She bonds very quickly but is scared the first time she meets you...lots of info on her ad on craigslist.
There is an adoption fee of 100 dollars but this includes not only Jesse but also some food, collar, leash, medium dog carrier and a certification for her rabies shot. I have had to pay for her vet visit and shot, and I really really do not have the money to spay her and get the rest of her shots and keep her. This is not a dog I got for myself, I am only fostering her because her previous owner is now in jail for the next year and can't look for a new home for Jesse.

June 18, 2007

This is a picture of Jesse a year and half beagle female who I am fostering. Everytime I think about adopting a dog permanently, I first foster one. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to do that. I really am more of a kitty person.
Dogs are great, but alot more work then a cat.

June 15, 2007

Why haven't you posted pictures of me recently,MEOW!

Well its been a while since I lasted posted, alot of things have happened...been busy.
Had a sad thing happen with MeiLin. She went missing for about 2 weeks, and then finally came home limping. I gave her a 24 hour time to see if it was just swollen, sprained or if it was hurt worse. She never complained and was so sweet about it. I took her into the vet and they did x-rays. Turns out her leg was broken in such a way that the only choices were to either to have the 1800 dollar pin surgery, the 800 dollar amputation or to put her to sleep.
I was bawling and so upset, I haven't cried that hard in a really long time. I couldn't leave her in pain, and I didn't have any way to come up with even 800 dollars. So I made the difficult choice to put her down. I cried on the phone, in the car on the drive back, and again while at the vets office.

I signed the paperwork and was going into the room to hold MeiLin and comfort her in her last moments. I was so very very sad...and at the last possible moment, as I am holding her in my arms again, the vet tech comes back in and says the vet is willing to do the surgery if I surrender MeiLin. They would pay for all her future costs and find her a good home. My choice at this point was either to have her die or to give her away to another family. I said "of course, yes, I will surrender her!!!!!" It was a hard thing leaving her forever, but I will know in my heart that I have made the right choice for her well being. I miss her horribly, however my other pets are keeping me so occupied that I am not able to dwell on it too much.

I have a dog I am fostering till she goes to her new home on the 30th and I got a new kitten from the neighbors. I wanted to wait a few more weeks before bringing it home,so that Jesse would be in her new home and not scaring the kitten .
I had been down there to see the kitten a couple of weeks ago already and knew right away I wanted it...but they were going to give them all away this weekend, so I brought the new baby home. I'm not exactly sure if its a boy or a girl, I think its a boy...but will know for sure in about 2 weeks when things get more pronounced.
If its a girl her name will be Nefertiti and if its a boy his name will be Napolean.

I'll try to start updating a few times a week. Look forward to getting back in the swing of things, to help take my mind of my loss.