June 15, 2007

Why haven't you posted pictures of me recently,MEOW!

Well its been a while since I lasted posted, alot of things have happened...been busy.
Had a sad thing happen with MeiLin. She went missing for about 2 weeks, and then finally came home limping. I gave her a 24 hour time to see if it was just swollen, sprained or if it was hurt worse. She never complained and was so sweet about it. I took her into the vet and they did x-rays. Turns out her leg was broken in such a way that the only choices were to either to have the 1800 dollar pin surgery, the 800 dollar amputation or to put her to sleep.
I was bawling and so upset, I haven't cried that hard in a really long time. I couldn't leave her in pain, and I didn't have any way to come up with even 800 dollars. So I made the difficult choice to put her down. I cried on the phone, in the car on the drive back, and again while at the vets office.

I signed the paperwork and was going into the room to hold MeiLin and comfort her in her last moments. I was so very very sad...and at the last possible moment, as I am holding her in my arms again, the vet tech comes back in and says the vet is willing to do the surgery if I surrender MeiLin. They would pay for all her future costs and find her a good home. My choice at this point was either to have her die or to give her away to another family. I said "of course, yes, I will surrender her!!!!!" It was a hard thing leaving her forever, but I will know in my heart that I have made the right choice for her well being. I miss her horribly, however my other pets are keeping me so occupied that I am not able to dwell on it too much.

I have a dog I am fostering till she goes to her new home on the 30th and I got a new kitten from the neighbors. I wanted to wait a few more weeks before bringing it home,so that Jesse would be in her new home and not scaring the kitten .
I had been down there to see the kitten a couple of weeks ago already and knew right away I wanted it...but they were going to give them all away this weekend, so I brought the new baby home. I'm not exactly sure if its a boy or a girl, I think its a boy...but will know for sure in about 2 weeks when things get more pronounced.
If its a girl her name will be Nefertiti and if its a boy his name will be Napolean.

I'll try to start updating a few times a week. Look forward to getting back in the swing of things, to help take my mind of my loss.


  1. we're so sorry about MeiLin. we hope she's recovering well and has found another good home with someone. we can't wait to see kitten pictures! purrrrrrs!

  2. Thank you. I talked to the vet and she is doing well, not sure when she is going to get her new home. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking she'll escape her new home and come back to me...even if that would be really dangerous to do, I still miss her and wish I could have kept her. She would have loved Napolean.

  3. So sorry about MeiLin. You made the obvious choice, but we know it was terribly hard.

  4. how sad for you to have to give her up. our eyes are leaking for you! but we should all take heart that she will be well, and that she will have a new loving home. not the same, we know, but best for her. and you saved her life!! be proud of you--we are!

    some of her spirit will surely cling to your home and guide the new little soul to be the best kitty s/he can possibly be!!

    ((((((((huggggggggs)))))))) from all the meowers and meower mom

  5. We're sorry you had to give up MeiLin. It must have been a hard decision, but it really was the only option available.

    We hope the vet finds her a nice new home, and that she adapts well to the change. Will the vet let you know where she goes?

  6. I don't think the vet will tell me, but I can always hope to hear from him. :)

  7. So sorry about Meilin, but it could have been worse, I guess. That feeling of losing them, is something that NEVER gets easier, but it's something resposible owners have to do, sometimes. Good luck to her, and you. Let us know if/when you get a new kitty. Thanks for your support and comments. FamGuyToday