June 19, 2007

Not a Tortie, but.....

(UPDATE: Jesse now has a forever home)

I'm gonna put a link in here, if I can remember how....its for Jesse. I have her listed on Craigslist. if you know anyone in Oregon, who is looking to adopt a wonderful little 16 pound dog who needs a forever home, please send them this link.

Several different people who said they would adopt her, have fallen through and I really want her to be in a forever home soon. She bonds very quickly but is scared the first time she meets you...lots of info on her ad on craigslist.
There is an adoption fee of 100 dollars but this includes not only Jesse but also some food, collar, leash, medium dog carrier and a certification for her rabies shot. I have had to pay for her vet visit and shot, and I really really do not have the money to spay her and get the rest of her shots and keep her. This is not a dog I got for myself, I am only fostering her because her previous owner is now in jail for the next year and can't look for a new home for Jesse.


  1. AnonymousJune 20, 2007

    Maybe this dog cannot find a home because he is retarted?? Maybe his brain cells are damaged from being around drugs from his previous owner!!

  2. Best wishes for Jesse - I hope she finds a great forever home.

  3. Jasmine and I send our best wishes for Jesse too. Every pet deserves a good home.

    Mom says she is glad to see you are blogging again, and understands your decision for MeiLin.

    You know, Gizzy went to the Rainbow Bridge in April.

  4. Just an update, Jesse has found a wonderful forever home!!!!