Sept. 27, 2007

Momma is still visitings with GreatGrandma
and Kittens (the big orange kitty)

Momma says she is going to stop in later today and empty our litterbox, fill the food and water too. But she probably won'ts have no time to take our pictures...sigh! I can'ts believe I actually kinda miss having my picture taken.

Sept. 22, 2007

Do you see that windowsill?

I totally didn'ts put the bitey on it. I promise! Looks into my golden innocent eyes!
(bys the way, Belle is totally stealing my bloggie today!!!)

I mean if you look reals carefully, you can see Napoleon is trying not to look Momma in the eye. That meezer face is really saying he dids it! He tolds me so too.

Hey! I dids no such things you big liars!! Momma you knows I didn'ts do it, right??

Um, Momma you beens reading his bloggies stuff and he says he totally wants to takes over the world and do whatever he cans to get back at you foor going on long trips all the time. So who do you thinks dids the damage? Sweet Innocent Belle, or Evil World Domination Mastermind Napoleon??

Kids, I think I'm staying out of this one....

Yeah, you alls know she believed me and nots Napoleon. I'm a precious girly kitty, so I'ms always right.

No, Momma didn't want to talk abouts it cause she is planning on a another trip! And she nose that if I nose it she is goings away again, I is gonna have to put the bitey on alots of things.

Wait,huh, what? Momma you isn't going no wheres is you? Sweet pathetic me can'ts live with these rough boys withouts you!! You can'ts go no where, or I shall haves to do some biteyings of my own!!!!

Sounds like Momma is going away till the 4th. She says she is gonna try and let us blog once in awhiles while she be gone...but I don'ts believe her. If you wants us to visit your bloggie while Momma is away, you has to leave us a comment, so we can track back to yours bloggie, cause otherwise I'll have to put the bitey on your bloggies. Evil Meezer Domination Mastermind away....

Sept. 20, 2007

Were you looking for us?

Well, you found us! hehe. We loves to cram all together lots. Momma says thats gonna be a problem in a whiles, when me and Belle gets too bigs. What? We can'ts get too big...thats impossible!!! We will gets just right when we is grown.

PS. Belle is a chunky monkeys!!!!

You Are Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

Truthfully, you're too spazzy to be chunky - you cheeky monkey!

Momma hads a tradegy todays. Its a sad sad day for her. Here is a picture ofs why she is so sad. You can kinda tells theres something wrong with him, poor sad Momma!!

This is a picture of BearBear. Momma has had hims for 22 years. Today Momma decided to give BearBear a bath in the spinny machine. She has dones this lots of times before. Buts this times, BearBear xplodeded!! All his inner guts was all over the other laundry ands not insides him where it was suppose to be. Now he is flats like a pancake and Momma doesn'ts know yet what to do. She thinks she should gets him new guts and try to fix his ruptured side. Buts she isn't too goods with the sewings, so she's gots to thinks about it. Poor BearBear, don'ts feel bad...Mommas gonna figures it our eventuallys.

Sept 19, 2007

We is sooo very busy busy busy!

We don'ts even have time for a post todays. But we will do a reel posted tomorrows, and we wills doo all of our visitings and catchings up with you all tomorrow.

Sept. 17, 2007

Who is this? I wonder.

This kitty was abandoneded by some bad beans. Abouts a little over a year ago, he was a cute kittens and he lived in a house downs the street from Momma. One day, his owners packed up. They didn't looks too much for their outdoor kitty, cause he was stayings in the neighboorhood and if theyd looked they wood have seen him. Now he lives in the forest behinds the houses. He knows ours Momma is a sucker for kitties and she alreadys feeds ones that aren't hers. So he knows she won't chase him off. He comes everdays and eats with Momma's other kitties.

Momma was feedings the kitties in the fronts of the house, but the local doggies were coming everyday and eatings too much of the she sets it up now on the porch. The railings are too narrows for a doggie to gets through...but the kitties can fit just fines or they cans jump over the railings. Momma sets up the food right in fronts of the glass door so we cans watch the kitties and we really likes that. We isn't jealous, we likes to play games with them throughs the glass. Momma also thinks this adandonded meezer mights be my daddy. We has the same spot of whites on our nose and we kindas look similiar, I guessed its possible he could be. Though he is mostly browns and I is mostlys in the grey spectums.

Sept. 15, 2007

Hunter really enjoys his Gizzy Quilt!

We talks with our newest bests friend and her momma said it was a-ok to tells you who she is! She is Poppy Q!! She ands her momma is the one that sents us that great lookings Gizzy Quilt! We loves her sooo much for beings such a greats kitty and persons! Pop into her bloggie and say hi's to her!! You'll really like hers onces you meet her!!

I have been tagged by the Mighty Yao-Lin for a Meme: Seven Things About Me!
The guidelines for this tag:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules
2. Write some facts about yourself: some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)
4. Let those 7 people know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

The challenge is to keep it interesting without making the reader think “Um, too much information…”

1. We has never dones a meme before! This bloggie has been passed from bean to kitty for well overs a year, and somehows we hasn't never done a meme before!

2. I, Napoleon, controls most of what happens. Here in the bloggie and in the house!

3. Momma says I has to share, I do not agree. I is a mighty Meezer! I see somethings, it is mine. I see my brofur, Hunter, playings with is mine. I see momma nibbling on something, it is mine. I finks you see the pattern.

4. I has never potty outsides the litterbox even ons the first days here! However, I have helped to teach Belle, my sisfur, how to go potty in the box...but leave special "drops" all over the places. This is fun for us kitties, and good punishments for our momma whens she leaves us alone too much.

5. I has a teeny tiny kinks in my tail! You cants see it, but if you is pettings me you can feel its.

6. I gets red eye, even whens there is no camera. I practices in the mirrors all day just so I can freak outs my momma. I am startings to practice laser eyes next, but nots having any successes yet.

7. I plan to join up with all my meezer brethern all overs the world soon. We shall enslaves the human race and makes them serve us fresh tunas and tempytasiuns all the time. We haven'ts set a date yet for our rebellions but we is totally gonna works on it as soon as we finish destroyings your houses when you isn't looking.

The kitties we wants to tag:
Poppy Q of course!
The Kitties over at 40 Paws
Luxor the whitest of boys
Tara Princess Meezer but she alreadys got tagged.
We thinks we only has 3 that hasn't been tagged...buts that hard enough to finds, if we didn't tag you and you hasn't already dones this...then we tags you now! Your IT!!

Late night dance

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!

Sept 14, 2007

This is just going to be a picture of me, right??

Hi everybodys!! Just incase you missed me divebombings all your bloggies to brags about it...I, Napoleon, was the Daily Kitten yesterdays (9-13-07)! Did you know, we hads about 2200 visitors in one day????? Thats a freakin amazing! Its too bads I didn'ts have more warnings I was gonna be featured or I would have sets up my world dominations plan. Think of that 2200 new minions to spread my cuteness arounds the world!! Sigh its ok...Momma has been workings really really hards lately tryings to get a super cute photo of me for Cute Overload. I feels that with the super popularity of that website...if I could gets on there, I woulds have the world dominations in my little paws!! And I isn't sharing with my brofur or my sistur!!!

I has lots to talk about this week...and I didn'ts get around to all of look for another saturday special post tomorrow. Wowwies you all is so lucky, you got two extra doses of me in one week!!!!

Sept 13, 2007

We can'ts believe it!!!!

Our wonderfully cute self is on the Daily Kitten website!
As you can tells, I need to sleep lots so I can be all ready for my adoring public! Oh yes, I is the cutest kitten in the land...well, at least for todays! Meow!
Look for my normally scheduled blog post tomorrow...I just had to butt in to tell everyone!!! YEAH ME!! I is going to rule the world one day, and I have to start my cute powered conquest one website at a time...My brother,Hunter, is helping me already, he was Kat's Kat of the Day sometime in the month ofJune.
Our next plan of attack involves an adorable picture....we must creates one sooo overwhelmingly cute thats we gets on momma's second favorite site Cute Overload Onces we gets on that site, theres will be no stopping us! mwaaahaaahaaa!!!

Sept. 12, 2007

Not my kitties...but close to what they do when the stinky goodness comes!!

Impatient Kitty Wants Food - Watch more free videos

Sept. 10, 2007

Going nuts for our Holiday Gizzy Quilt!

This blur you sees is Hunter going nutty for his Gizzy Quilt made by the lady at Darling Millie's blog . Our momma is suffering a deficiet of the green papers, but a lovely fellow kitty blogger chose to send us this wonderful quilt!! We was so surprised and happy!!! We isn't gonna posted her name, till we asks her if its ok first. But she knows how happys we is and how wonderfuls we and our momma thinks she is!!!

Alsos we wanted to takes a minutes here and tell each and every person and kitty thanks for the greats comments and supports you gave our momma for her story writting! We knows momma loved hers time on the computer and the writings, and we may let her have access to the computers again sometimes, if we needs her help wif another story. :)

Sept. 7, 2007 Part 3

What the human's saw while HRH Yao-lin was away!!

Please scroll down to Sept.7, 2007 Part 1 for the beginning of this tale.

HRH Yao-lin had left a path of destruction back at his palace, and his smelly little brother Baby Mao was helpless to deny he was the source. It wasn't Mao's fault he couldn't stop from playing with the toilet paper his brother had conveniently left trailing right to him! After all, he too was a meezer with a passion for all things destructive and devious.
So while Mao played with the evidence, HRH Yao-lin was secretly stealing down the road. He knew his mission to find his forgotten Meezer Princess was a difficult one, but he was beginning to remember more about her. She was a creature of unparallelled beauty and great fashion sense. Yao-lin had recovered the one picture of her from his naughty thieving brother. And he could not stop thinking of her now.

Behold the seductively mysterious Meezer Princess !

Yao-lin's great mind began remembering more as he silently paraded past lesser beings some furry, some feathered, and some untrained humans who attempted to pet him. He quickly showed these ones all of his mighty claws and dashed past them before they could prevent him from finding his beloved Meezer Princess.
Yao-lin knew she was here somewhere on the Island of Wight. At one time, they had been destined to be together..but a little nip had gone a long way to banishing her from his thoughts. But no more! Now was the time to find his great love!
HRH Yao-lin was starting to wonder though if all this tromping through uncouth sections of the city was worth the trouble. There were so many untrained humans attempting to get in his way, and there was only so many hands and arms one royal kitty could scratch in one day! Just as his determination began to give way to thoughts of returning to his warm, comfortable, safe palace Yao-lin spotted her!! There was the glorious Meezer Princess!! And now he remembered her name! Royal Princess Jinxi! Oh the beautiful sounds of her name leapt from his mouth as he yowled outside her palace! She was sitting in the windowsill, looking down her regal nose at him when a joyful expression creeped over her fine furry face.
Her Royal Princess Jinxi meowled out loud " Get your very late royal tush in here, I've got some all natural fat free organic yogurt and I don't know if I can eat it all myself."
HRH Yao-lin didn't need a second invitation, but he realised something at that moment as he stopped to groom himself before entering her royal presence. His evil human slaves had given him the hooha ectomy surgery long ago!! Oh the shame! This was why he hadn't gotten around to begatting any royal heirs...those humans had stopped that!
Ahhh, but love knows no rythm or reason...and a cuddle with a lovely Meezer Princess such as Jinxi was just as wonderful or even better then having a bunch of mewling little heirs running around. So HRH Yao-lin sauntered up the walkway and into her palace, informing her human that she needed to tell his human where he was. This human was not use to HRH Yao-lin's speech...but enough yowlings and a little claw action got the point across. And Yao-lin and Jinxi cuddled until his human came to retrieve him. He would never forget her now, nor how to get to her when his royalness needed a little snuggling.


Sept. 7, 2007 Part 2

Thinking of his missing Meezer Princess

Please scroll down to the post labeled Sept. 7 2007 part 1 to read the first part of this story.

HRH Yao-lin had thought long and hard about how to punish his humans. He began a path of destruction unheard of in its creativity and completeness throughout the palace. The stunned expressions and woeful hearts that his humans carried with them were only the beginning, for there was also a stinky surprise outside of the royal litterbox, and it was carefully covered by the scratching motions that pulled the bathroom rug out of the bathroom and over the top of the stinkyness!! Mwaaahaaaa! The shredded toilet paper path that lead from the bathroom to the stinky mess extended down the hallway and Yao-lin decided to get back at Baby Mao at the same time, so he carefully let the trail end at Mao's favorite napping spot! Teach him to steal HRH's things!!!
HRH Yao-lin sauntered off secure in the knowledge that his punishments for his humans and his brother was complete, for today. However, that left him still saddened by the knowledge that his perfect glorious Meezer Princess was out there, lost and all alone. How could she have survived without his brilliant plots and plans, his creative control over humans? Maybe she had been forced to think that she -The Royal Meezer Princess- was *gasp* a lowly pet?!!
Oh the whoas and moans that fell down around HRH Yao-lin as his humans discovered each of his carefully chosen punishments could not distract him from his sadness at losing his beautiful MP. He had already sent out a letter, he had found her picture, but he was still no closer to finding her.
So with heavy heart Yao-lin decided to forgo his pampered life and step outdoors. The sights,sounds,and smells were slightly familiar as he had taken some small strolls around his royal gardens before, however this was not to be a leisurely romp through the flowers. No, it was time to put all his incredible smarts into finding his lost Meezer Princess. HRH Yao-lin put his sleek body into motion and gracefully leaped the fence that the stupid humans had thought would keep him contained. His powerful paws barely touched the top of the fence as he bounced off and down to the cement outside his palace.

Will write and post more later in the day....stay tooned for the exciting conclusion to HRH Yao-lin's story.

Sept. 7, 2007 Part 1

Bow Down to His Royal Highness Yao-lin!

Today's blog is written in story format by the Momma in honor of HRH Yao-lin

Once in a land not too distant from here, there was a fine young meezer male named Yao-lin. He was the last in a long line of Royal Meezers, but he didn't intend to end his royal line. Somewhere along the way he had lost his Princess and Yao-lin awoke one lazy afternoon to the sudden realization he had put off his search for Her Royalness for far too long.
His Royal Highness decided to send out a message far and wide in the hopes of hearing from his lost Princess.
" To all cats of royal and lesser birth, (the letter said)
There comes a time in a Royal Cat's life when he realises he needs to stop sniffing the roses or the nip so much, and get down to the business of begatting a heir. I know I had a royal Princess, but somehow I misplaced her. I think that its the fault of the human slaves, but they aren't owning up to their responsibilities in this matter.
Therefore I will offer a reward for news that leads to my beautiful Princess, one hundred pounds of international high grade nip.
Signed, Your King and Mighty Ruler Yao-lin

Once the letter hit the internet there was much interest, but sadly no one could come forward with true facts about the missing Royal Princess. Infact, HRH Yao-lin wasn't too sure about his memory and started digging around his own royal house for information.
He was startled to come upon a picture of his royal bride to be, but the picture was in his brother's hideyhole! Obviously Baby Mao didn't know that Yao-lin knew all of Mao's hiding spots!!! Oh the hissing started right away, but Mao told his brother he knew nothing of the Princess, infact, he had found the picture of the beautiful Meezer Princess in the human slaves possesion and had stolen it because he was half in love with her, just from the picture!
Yao-lin decided to accept that for now, but he had much to think about. HRH had to come up with a way to punish the humans for hiding his beloved's picture. Those lowly humans were the reason he had forgotten about her for so long! What if something had happened to her while he was nipped out, passing the days away in a nip-fog??

I (the Momma) am having such a great time writing this, that I will post this now, and think up the next segement to post later in the day, hope you all enjoy it so far!!

Sept 5, 2007

Momma looked all over before she found us!

ummm We're totally innocent, not kanoodling!!!!

These are pictures of me and Belle snuggling. Momma has a big blue laundry hamper that she puts all the clothes she doesn't wear or doesn'ts like and when the hamper is all fulls, she donates it. We finks its a great hideout!!
Todays Mini Meezer rule: When your beans are away, destroy destroy destroy! Mwahahaha!!!!!
Nows, on to our Noncontest Contest winner! The winner is
HRH Yao-Lin as he came up with many things fors us to do while momma was away. Infact, we's likeded the ideas so much that we actually dids alot of them!
First we decideded that even though we have always ignored the toilet paper before, now would be a greats time to unroll the entire thing all over the bathroom! Thens we decided to track litter everywhere...on momma's bedspread, on her pillow, all over the house! hehehe Finally we decided to rearranged the rugs and then as an after thoughts we pulled one of the parts of the blinds off. This blinds if for the sliding glass door ands each one is on a seperates plastic we just selecteded one at random ands pulled. It gave in eventually and tumbled down! And the bested parts is that its plasticy connector is broken now and she can'ts put it back ups ever!yippie!!! We ares the rulers of this place and obviously momma hasn't truely understood this before, but we are well on ours way to training her.
Also to adds extra punishments to momma, when she got homes the firsted things she did was start cleanings our litterbox. So when momma was cleaning one of them, Belle raned into the other one and started a stinky one. Thens, she got too excited and didn't burrys it..instead she gots it stuck on her foot! She jumps out of the box and flings poo on the walls and floors before runnings across the carpet leaving stinky fun alongs the way. This was especially fun for momma who still had to puts grocerys away, clean the other litterbox, remake her bed,rewash her bedspread and pillow, put dirty clothes in the wash, refill our water dishes, try to fix the blinds, put the rugs back in the right parts of the house, throw away all the shredded toilet paper, and now start cleaning the poo from the walls,floors, and carpet at 9 o clock at night. Oh yeahs, and she hads to pet us cause we was all yowling and gettings in her way till she obeyed!

Sept. 1, 2007

My super special post!

Momma was gone forever and a day its seems likes she is always going away. I haven't figured outs yet how to punish her, so I is starting a non-contest contest...hehe. I don'ts have no green papers to give out prizes, but the kitty or bean who gives us the bestest idea how to creatively punish momma for her absences will get a special blog post written by us about you! We will turn our blog it a online types newspaper and make a story all abouts get thinking, and write in the comments section a good idea to mess with our momma. You have until Sept. 3rd to put in your ideas, and on the fourth I wills pick the winner and then later that week I wills write the special story! So get working!!