Feb. 28, 2007

I'm going to take a break from regular blogging for awhile. I may put a picture every once in a while, but I will post when I'm ready to get back into it full time again. Thanks to you all and see you when I return.

Feb. 23, 2007

More adorable puppies!!!!!

Ok, I skipped a day, but at least you still get to see puppies!!!!!!

Feb. 21, 2007

The next two days are devoted to puppies!!

Ceasar is home, eating well and seems to have little desire to leave the front porch area. I sure wish I knew what he had been up to for those missing days. I'm just glad to have him home again though!

Feb 20, 2007

More cute kittys

Watch where it shuts off, at the very end of the video...lol.

BTW: You'll never guess who came home this morning!!!! After about 10 long,dark,and dreary days Ceasar came home!!!!!!!!!!!! He's lost a bit of weight, but has no wounds or any marks on him. I wonder where he's been and what he's been up to all these days. He's eating well and sticking around on the front porch. I'm so incredibly happy!!!!!!!

Feb 19, 2007

More kittens

I'll post more pics of my pets and talk again when I'm feeling a little less blue.

Feb 18, 2007

Listen for the tiny purr...

Feb. 17, 2007

Its a sad day here.

Last weekend while away, I had the neighbor girl come feed my outdoor kitties. She says that the day before I came home was the last time she saw Caesar. I thought, well maybe he's out wandering around. But I went out and looked for him in the woods and all over the neighboorhood. I could not accept the loss of another of my favorites. I know we are suppose to love all our furry kids the same, but there was an unbreakable bond between the two of us. I feel the same way about Rajjah and MeiLin. Oh, CGPH and Empress Tao have my love and devotion but the specialness isn't the same. I've gone through the same things as I did when Rajjah went missing but from what I understand the cougar has been leaving tracks in the woods nearby again. I shudder to think that Caesar was eaten, instead I will have him in my mind as someone picked him up because of how beautiful he is. And the person stole him and keeps him indoors loving him forever.
On top of all this, MeiLin had gotten out last week while she was in heat and was gone for 6 hours before I caught her. Well, turns out she did get pregnant....but she miscarried yesterday and was in pain, vomitting, and is now exhausted. I never knew a cat could miscarry. I know its for the best, that we don't need anymore kittens...but its heartbreaking to see a loved one go through that. I probably won't have any light hearted posts for awhile, though I'll try to come up with something. I miss Caesar so much and I worry that I might have to take MeiLin to the vet if she doesn't perk back up in the next 24hours.

Feb. 14, 2007

You can't see me!!

I am the great and mighty Hunter, you can not see me as I am all stealthy and stuff! Pay no attention to the glowing eyes....lol.

Sorry it took me a few days to post, but it kept trying to force me to switch to the new google blogger and I DID NOT want to do that. I am not a very big supporter of huge mega companies, and this particular company is getting its little fingers into every pie nowadays. Anyway, I had to make the switch or I couldn't use blogger anymore. Which is unfair in my opinion, you are forced to agree or you can't use their service. :( Well, I'll get over my pout and get back to pleasant pictures of my pretty kitties! :) :)

Here's some kittens, not mine, but cute!!!

Special Day!

You'll never know how much your loved, till you look at all the blogs! :)

Feb. 08. 2007

Toes are yummy!

MeiLin loves to pounce on my feet and occasionally has been known to lick them and nibble them.

Feb. 07, 2007

Back again!

This picture you can see CGPH is trying to hide in the doorway to pounce on unsuspecting MeiLin. hehe!

After a very very long week, I'm grateful to be home again with my loving darlings.
Sadly, was not able to get the cheap spay I was suppose to be able to get. And of course, MeiLin is back in heat. This morning she escaped outside for 6 hours, and I had to go over hill and dale to get her back. She was not a pretty creamy white color, she was now all muddy brown. She did not appriciated the bath but it was a nonnegotiable event...lol.
She doesn't have her collar on right now, because she is still grooming herself dry. So I have to be extra careful and not even open the front door until she gets her collar back on. I'm worried she might have met a friendly boy kitty during her six hour adventure. She still seems to be in heat, but I'm not sure how long that lasts after they have an indiscretion. Will she for sure be pregnant or maybe fingers crossed and no kittens??
I assure you if there are kittens, that I will be very very dillagent and find them all great homes, but I really am hoping that this will not be the case. I'm going to start calling around and find out if there is a place I can get the spay done for less then the 150 dollar price I've been quoted. I was suppose to get it for only 15 dollars. HUGE difference. :(

Feb. 02, 2007

Still out of town, going to be back for good on tuesday, but I hope to take a few photos when I stop by my house late tonight, maybe show the mess the kitties make when they know I'm not there. They are sure to be very vocal in their dislike of me being gone so long. Which is why I stop in briefly if possible during my trips.