Feb 29, 2008

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Happy Leap YEAR!!!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Feb 27, 2008

Scritches is great!!

Author: Napoleon
Meezer Rule:
If you is gonna do something naughty, remember to look adorable. Beans can't resist a meezer face full of cuteness.

Momma has forgivens me and my brethern for the destruction of the bowls and now she is back to giving us good pets and scritches. I knew my plan would work, it just took longer then planned.
See I wanted to see what was up on the fridge, but there was stuff up there in my way. So I carefully waited till there was a time when no one would stop me...ie...the beans were gone. Then I climbed up there, but firsted I had to drop everything that was in my way...so the bowls and stuff came of the fridge magically. And of course, the magic didn't work right...so the bowls all felled down on the ground. OOOPSS. Anyway, at least they was out of my way and I was able to FINALLY get up on the fridge. Turns out, once you get rid of the bowls and stuff up there...its not that interesting. But anyway, that all happened last week, and the plan was that Momma was suppose to forgive me instantly cause I is super duper cute! Well, thats the part of the plan that didn't work so well. Oh she feds us and stuff, but she wasn't all lovey dovery wif me. SIGHS!! I had to work overtime that night and really put the cuteness out there. Inluding my patented Meezer Meowl, and the all night purr fest. I won her over...I tolds her resistence is futile. I shall always win!! I is the cutest!!!

Feb 24, 2008

Blanket is getting bigger

Author: Momma

I almost forgot to put the updated photo of my blanket on for today! Been busy, so not much time to chat. However, its progressing so quickly I think I might run out yarn! I'm out of cash at the moment, so if I run out of yarn I'll have to post a picture of it and let you all know when I get another chance to start working on it again.
As you can tell, everytime I lay the blanket down to take a photo of it...one of the cats attempt to claim it! This time Belle is making her statement of interest! On a side note, I do belive she is pregnant since her belly is starting to get firmer. I think she is probably 20-30 days into it. No way to know for sure until we get about 10-15 more days into it, then I'll be able to pinpoint a delivery date. I really wish that Greatgrandma hadn't let her out of the house, since Belle did have an appointment for a spay 2 weeks ago. But since she is pregnant, now I'll have to wait till after the babies are born and weaned before I can get her spayed. I will keep you all up to date on that as well. Have to run. Thanks for stopping in!!

Feb 22, 2008

I am not FAT!!

Author: Belle

I don't know why everyone is obsessed with my tum-tum. Momma says she doesn't think its as squishy and it might be getting big. Ummm, no...I'm not fat or squishy...I'm just ummm, well rounded.

Oh, for everyone who asked...no, those bowls that got broke weren't precious. They weren't too expensive, but Momma was still very very upset! She found out that the big big big plastic bowl that fell, is also cracked and broken. She sighed, but she didn't say anything to us. We is worried, that might mean she is gonna think really hard before she tells us exactly how naughty we are. Or it could mean she finally learned that it doesn't matter how many times you tell us "no" and "bad kitteh!" because we are just gonna do whatever we want anyway.

And btw, I totally had nothing to do with the bowls. It was all Napoleon. But he thinks since there were no witnesses, he can spread the blame to all four of us.

Feb 20, 2008

We has been bad!!

And a closer up picture of the naughtyness!

Author: Napoleon

I feel that I is not wholy responsible for the mess and mistchief that has occured, so I is saying "we" is the ones that dids this. Course it truely is a record amount of damage to punish our Momma, one that we thinks HRH Yao-Lin would definetly approve.
What happened you ask? Well Momma and Great went away on Monday afternoon. They left us alone all afternoon and did not come home till Tuesday late morning!! Momma says its cause she had to take Grandma to the airport at an unmentionable time in the morning so they went and stayed overnight. Well, its all her fault. She left us alone! So we decided to get up to a naughty place and nevermind what was in our way! Momma stores bowls and plastic containers on top of the fridgerator. We wanted to get up there and since there was no beans to say "no" we did. Course everything fells down and broked all over the place. OOOOhhhh Momma was mad!!!!!!
She had to get up at 645am and then drive 1 and 1/2 hours to the pick up all the aunties and takes them to the airport. Then she had to drive an 1 and 1/2 hours back to Grandma's house to trade cars (momma's isn't big enough for 5 beans). Then Momma had to drive another hour out to our house. So by the time she got homes, she was exhausted and the day was just really getting started. Cause now, she had to clean up our mess, refill our water and food bowls and and....well, I hopes she learned her lesson and never never leaves us alones again!!

Here is the latest photo of the blanket

Momma says its not getting big as fast as it was and the changes aren't as dramatic at this point as they were when you first starts it. Now she will post every Sunday and you can see each week till its done.

Feb 17, 2008

As you can see the blanket no longer fits on the tv tray

So, I put it on the floor where Napoleon immediately layed claws on it!

In the final photo, Napoleon trys to lay claim to the blanket.

Author: Momma

Now I say that Napoleon tried to lay claim to it, because to be fair I told all the kittys this blanket was not for them when I first started making it. Its suppose to be for GreatGrandma if I just get working on it again. Have to shove a rather large furry blob off of it first...lol.

Just a quick note, I probably won't have a post here on Monday since we are going out of town tomorrow afternoon. Napoleon will post his regular post again on Wednesday.

Feb 16, 2008

Go to my other blog for todays video!

Feb 14, 2008

This a very special post for my Darling Isis on this day of LUV!!

Author: Napoleon

Happy Valentines Days Momma to be Isis!

Since you is living all the way across the pond, it might already be nighty time and you might not see this till morning! I is soooo sorry!

THis is what would happens if I could do it, I totally woulds!

Its Evening of Valentines:

I step out of the limoseny and run up the walkway. I meowrl out and lets my Queen Isis know that I has arrived! I bringed a bouquet of NIP flowers!

Nip flowers!!

Isis, you has to go easy on thats for now cause of the walnuts and bumps that is growing in your tum-tum.
I leads Isis to our waiting Limo, it has lots of yummy green plants to play wif while we wait to arrive at our destination. We roll arounds and we are naughty cause we scratch the upholstery, but its ok...I paid an extra deposit, so its covered!

Then we arrive at the Kitty Cat Buffet! There is all the bestest of foodies that any cat could ever want to eat! I pay wif my Mastercat and we are escorted to the best table in the whole place. They is a nice little bowl wif swimming snacks, but I can see that my sweetie is wanting to has the bestest food and she needs lots of it so the peanuts insides her tum-tum can grow up big and strong! We browse through the light nip garden

More Yummy NIP!!!!

And then hit the payload wif salmon, tuna, and beef wif yummy yummy gravys! Oh and there is shrimps, lobsters, and every kind of temptations!!!

Shrimps!!! Yummyyy!!!!


After awhiles I signals the head waiters and they bring over a special cake that is made wif the face of my beloved Isis on it! Its just for us and as I cut into the cake, there is a little box insides! It has a beautifuls diamond neckolace for my sweetheart.

This necklace is from the Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection and is called the
Napoleon I Diamond Necklace

I would gives this neckalace to my sweetie if I coulds!!

Will you forevers be my Valentiny, Isis???

Afterwards we take a long slow drive around London towns and then we head bak so I can walk you up to your home. I bids you farewell wif a good lickings on your cute little head, and thens I go home to bask in teh joy and happyness!U

Feb 13, 2008

Look, more swimmings snacks!!

Author: Napoleon

Ah yes, Momma has boughted more swimming snacks. They is very fast and its super hard to get a photo of thems. She actually boughted 5 of thems and two mysteriously stopped swimming within just days of each other. Then Momma cruelly put a piece of wood over the opening at the back of the tank. Sighs, they are soooo yummy...why did she block the access to our snack bowl??

As promised an Updated photo of the blanket

Momma is include an updated photo of her blanket she is making for Great. We finks it will be great for us to sits on and lays on. We loves to play wif the string when Momma is crocheting. She doesn't has the calluses she use to have, so she can only corchet for maybe an hour at a time. But its getting big super fast. It always goes fast at the beginings, but when it gets really really big it can take up to an hour to go one time around it!! Thats a tv tray pretty soon the blanket won't fit on it so she will have to put it on the floor to take a photo...thats when we make our move and claim it as ours! hehehehe

Feb 11, 2008

Please go to My photo blog for todays video.

Feb. 9, 2008

This is after about 2 hours of crocheting

This is about an hour maybe an hour and half later

Author: Momma
I just wanted to share this with you all. After 2 days and countless false starts, I finally remembered how to start the blanket! And I was right, once you do the start part...the rest is super duper easy. Its the first 4 main support stitches that require something slightly different. The rest just falls into place after that!! YEAH!!

It goes fairly fast once you get the hang of it, and you redevelop the calluses and the desensitivity to the pain in your fingers. lol I'll try to post every sunday at least one photo of the blanket as it grows. Right now there will be rather dramatic differences every day so I might update on the tail end of wednesday and then again on sunday. :)

To be honest though, its a good thing this is for just fun and to have an extra blanket...cause there are an awful lot of um "loose" interpretations when it comes to the exact stitch count.

Feb. 08, 2008

I is contented

Momma made somethings funny looking...

Author: Raowr

Abouts those bluey things, Momma was trying to make something square, but she ended up making something round. So she gotted frustrated and finally just closed up the top and added a tail to it. I is contented cause now I has two homemade toys! I guessed that Momma was trying to remember how to make a blanket. She use to make them, she maded one 10 years ago for Grandma and she knows how to do it...but the problem is its different when you first start it. Once you has it going, it just gets super duper easy. But that first time around you has to do it a certain way and Momma can'ts remember how! Sads for Momma but happys for me! She boughts two things of blue and two things of purple yarn to make the start of a lap blanket for GreatGrandma, but now that she can't figure out how to start it...I might get a ton of funny looking kitty toys. I don't mind!

Feb. 06, 2008

This is the lazy day photo that wouldn't upload yesterdays

Here is a closer look, can you see pink claws on Belle?
( I is hiding my manicure, but Belle is showing off hers!)

Author: Napoleon

As you can see in this photo, lately we hasn't felt like doing a whole lots of nothing. Maybe its the winter drearyness finally crushing our little sun loving kitty selves? Oh, yeah, we get an occasional sunbreak...and we all make sure to be in our favorite room to catch those random spots of sun...but its not the same as a warm sunny spring day. Sigh! I was just a wee tot whens it was spring/summer time, but I remember it...I wants the sunshine and the fresh airs!

Oh forgotted to mention, this room is Great Grandma's room, formally the forbidden room. Its the sunnyist room in the whole house and we all love to lay on the quilt and the down comfortor. We hasn't figured how to get the birdies out of the comfortor, and they is awful quiet...but we can smells them in there. Ah well, we has to relax in the comfort, its too cold out to make a fuss. We also don't know why this room use to be forbiddens to us, I finks its cause thats where Momma use to keep the sunloving planties....the ones wif the delectables leaves that dangle like great giant green toys and snacks! Nows that we is allowed in that room, the plants have moved to anofer room, but its not nearly as sunny in theres and they isn't doing as well. Even the plants are wishings for spring!!

Feb. 5, 2008

We is all feeling lazy lately...we'll post normally again on Wednesday. Blogger won't let us upload a photos today either...grrrr!

Feb. 2, 2008

Just a short video of Raowr and Hunter