Feb 27, 2008

Scritches is great!!

Author: Napoleon
Meezer Rule:
If you is gonna do something naughty, remember to look adorable. Beans can't resist a meezer face full of cuteness.

Momma has forgivens me and my brethern for the destruction of the bowls and now she is back to giving us good pets and scritches. I knew my plan would work, it just took longer then planned.
See I wanted to see what was up on the fridge, but there was stuff up there in my way. So I carefully waited till there was a time when no one would stop me...ie...the beans were gone. Then I climbed up there, but firsted I had to drop everything that was in my way...so the bowls and stuff came of the fridge magically. And of course, the magic didn't work right...so the bowls all felled down on the ground. OOOPSS. Anyway, at least they was out of my way and I was able to FINALLY get up on the fridge. Turns out, once you get rid of the bowls and stuff up there...its not that interesting. But anyway, that all happened last week, and the plan was that Momma was suppose to forgive me instantly cause I is super duper cute! Well, thats the part of the plan that didn't work so well. Oh she feds us and stuff, but she wasn't all lovey dovery wif me. SIGHS!! I had to work overtime that night and really put the cuteness out there. Inluding my patented Meezer Meowl, and the all night purr fest. I won her over...I tolds her resistence is futile. I shall always win!! I is the cutest!!!


  1. hee hee Napoleon, great rule. and good job whapping the bowls. hee hee