Feb 14, 2008

This a very special post for my Darling Isis on this day of LUV!!

Author: Napoleon

Happy Valentines Days Momma to be Isis!

Since you is living all the way across the pond, it might already be nighty time and you might not see this till morning! I is soooo sorry!

THis is what would happens if I could do it, I totally woulds!

Its Evening of Valentines:

I step out of the limoseny and run up the walkway. I meowrl out and lets my Queen Isis know that I has arrived! I bringed a bouquet of NIP flowers!

Nip flowers!!

Isis, you has to go easy on thats for now cause of the walnuts and bumps that is growing in your tum-tum.
I leads Isis to our waiting Limo, it has lots of yummy green plants to play wif while we wait to arrive at our destination. We roll arounds and we are naughty cause we scratch the upholstery, but its ok...I paid an extra deposit, so its covered!

Then we arrive at the Kitty Cat Buffet! There is all the bestest of foodies that any cat could ever want to eat! I pay wif my Mastercat and we are escorted to the best table in the whole place. They is a nice little bowl wif swimming snacks, but I can see that my sweetie is wanting to has the bestest food and she needs lots of it so the peanuts insides her tum-tum can grow up big and strong! We browse through the light nip garden

More Yummy NIP!!!!

And then hit the payload wif salmon, tuna, and beef wif yummy yummy gravys! Oh and there is shrimps, lobsters, and every kind of temptations!!!

Shrimps!!! Yummyyy!!!!


After awhiles I signals the head waiters and they bring over a special cake that is made wif the face of my beloved Isis on it! Its just for us and as I cut into the cake, there is a little box insides! It has a beautifuls diamond neckolace for my sweetheart.

This necklace is from the Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection and is called the
Napoleon I Diamond Necklace

I would gives this neckalace to my sweetie if I coulds!!

Will you forevers be my Valentiny, Isis???

Afterwards we take a long slow drive around London towns and then we head bak so I can walk you up to your home. I bids you farewell wif a good lickings on your cute little head, and thens I go home to bask in teh joy and happyness!U


  1. Hi Napolian! Nice to meet you. I am just getting to know your sweet Isis and her brother and wanted to stop and say hi.
    What a beautiful way to spend Valentine's Day with your sweetie. I wish my lovely ladycat didn't live so very far away too.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. That sounds like a very romantic evening you would do! Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Oh wow Napoleon I'z now got more and better bling than HRH Yao-Lin! :) I was most impressed by the nip bouquet and the swimming snacks - though I is sorry for getting on the table and drinking the melted butter than came with my lobster... But it was just so tasty and I couldn't let it go to waste, rather I let it go to waist! ;) I is also sorry for horrifying the waiter when I asked for my 5th bowl of rich creamy yoghurt for desert - but as I explained I is afflicted by cravings at present...

    But I loved every minute of it and shall never wash the spot on my head where you licked me good night! I'z the happiest of girlycats to be your Valentine!