March 31, 2008

Everyday in this so called "Spring"....

Author: Momma

Its snowed each morning for the last 4 days...its really weird!

No kittens yet, poor belle is very big and the babies are really active. If I put my hand on her belly, I can feel their little heads and sometimes their little paws moving around. Its one of the weirdest things ever!!

March 27, 2008

More snow in March!

And a pregnancy update video

Author: Momma

Well, here it is thursday and no babies! Sigh!! Woke up this fine day to see a light dusting of snow, kind of a surprise for Oregon in March. If you look at the first picture you can see my freshly planted rose bushes amidst the snow dusting. I hope they'll do ok. The stores around here only sell roses in the last week of Febuary and in March, so you have to buy the plants when they are available and get them into good soil asap so they can grow beautiful roses their first year. Otherwise you have to pamper them,wait, and hope that they do better their second year.

I love roses, and when I first moved here I dug up a couple of bushes I had planted at my apartment. I brought 4 all together and sadly the first year 2 didn't make it. I had a purple rose that bloomed a few times last year and the other rose bush never made buds. So I know for a fact that I had 2 reds, a yellow and purple rosebush. I know that the purple one survived, but I have no idea what color the other bush was. I plan on getting some good quality rose food this first week of April and fertilizing the two older plants.

The 4 new roses I planted, I put in soil that was already fertilized. See the soil around here is almost completly clay. weee! So if you want anything to grow you must first dig a huge hole and throw away all the clay. Then you fill the hole about 3/4 full of good quality potting soil. Making sure to pat the soil up the sides of the hole. Then you can finally put the new plant in the hole, fill in with the rest of the soil, add the barkdust so it blends with the rest of the yard, and water. And hope you did

This year, I've bought 2 reds and I think two yellows, or at least one yellow and maybe a white. It doesn't really matter the color, I just love gardening and roses and flowers are so beautiful.

Sigh, too much kitten anxiety...I can't seem to remeber anything but the kittens to come. So I'm going to head off for now, I'll update as soon as those little darlings make their debut into the world.

March 24, 2008

What?? Nothing going on here!

Author: Belle

Nope, its Monday and still no bebbehs. I am getting mighty tired of all the running around they is doing in my tummy, but from what I understand about kittens they have to hatch at their own speed. In that picture, you might think there is kittens, but no, thats just the paws and big belly of my brother, Hunter. Totally fooled you for a second though! lol

Momma really had hoped for the kittens on easter, but since I got out 3 different times there's no real way to count the days since I met my special tom. I am getting very round and yes, my hips are sticking out and I waddle a little bit. My milk glands are getting more swollen everyday and the kittens are very very active inside my tumtum. But they aren't listening to Momma who keeps telling them to come on out and play!
The other interesting thing is that my kitty momma was a part siamese but I am a tuxie girl. The toms that are in the neighborhood are a siamese (full), a siamese mix, a grey and white one, a black manx, and a tiger striped tom. Those are just the ones that we have for sure seen in our front yard. So what kind of kittens I hatch out are going to be a big surprise! Momma has her fingers crossed on a siamese mix, but I personally think I shall only have tuxies or black panther kittehs. hehe Momma thinks I shall have 2-3 kittens, but I plan on surprising her with at least 4. Everything that momma is thinking I is gonna try and mess up, cause well...a girl has to has some mystery and surprises in her life! lol

March 22, 2008

Author: Momma

Normally I am an easy going kind of person who deeply cares for my friends, my pets, and my family. I try to not let too many things bother me or offend me and I try to respect many different people and their many different views. However, I have been going to Wozog and doing their Cat idol and now Cat Apprentice contest and inbetween rounds of the contest the owner of the site put up a post that I feel was offensive and demeaning to overweight women. Women and men that are art models have alot of guts to pose for immature college jerks in addition to actual real artists. Showing their entire body to further the development of art. Its a serious and wonderful practice. However, this particular story that was put on Wozog may or may not be real, I still find it incredibly offensive. I asked the Wozog editor to remove it, he declined and told me I was taking it too seriously and it was "just a story".
I am asking my pets be removed from all future contests on that site and I don't plan on visiting it again.
Here is a link to the post that has the story on it.Wozog

Read it for yourself, let me know if you think I'm overreacting or if its time to stand up for respect and maturity for all people?
I ask you not to write horrible comments or do anything immature, rather if you agree with me about this story, please comment on the wozog blog and let the editor know that degrading people for fun isn't acceptable and definitly isn't the way to build a good blog readerlist.

Thanks for reading my rant, back to the kittys on Monday, unless the kittens come before then. I'll include pictures as soon as they arrive.


Napoleon loves the snow, but only if he's safe inside!!

Go to my other blog and see the video I just uploaded! pictures from my life blog

March 19, 2008

One of these kittehs is pregnant

(click to biggify)

In that picture, my brofur and my sista is cuddling. Of course, those of yous who read here regularly know which is which. However, those who don't knows us berry well will has to wonder wich of those is prego! My brofur Hunter is all being like "wwaaa, I is not fat, I is not prego, I is a studdly mancat" but when randoms beans and kittehs is asked...they fink the all black kitty is the one that is gonna has kittens! hehehehe

Oh and for the records I was not sulking in my kitty penthouse. I was meerly resting up for the next contest on Wozog. The contest is now called Cat apprentice. The goal is to NOT have very many votes. So I is asking you all to go to wozog and vote for the lamest kitteh there and vote them off so I can be the cat pretince.

PS, we is taking guessings on when Belle will hatch her alien offspring. There be no prize money or fabo stuff cause Momma has spented alot of money preparing for the aliens...however, Momma will dedicate a special post to whomever wins. You has to leave a date and time you think the kitten hatching will occur ( incase of a two people saying the same day, the tie will be settled by the time) You must guess before the date the aliens arrive,which could be any day or 2 squillion weeks from now so get your guess in!!!!

March 17, 2008

Kitty Condo? I don't think so!

Author: Hunter

You nose when Momma said I could has mondays to blog. I thoughts, well maybee sometimes I wood and soemtimes I woodn'ts be bloggin. And frankly I has gotten laziers, so it hasn't bothered me too much. But its been a squillion years since I hads my last blog post!!

Anyways, In thats foto you can see that it is NOT a kitteh condo! It only has a penthouse and the second floor has no walls! And of course the floor on this so called semi-luxery condo isn't nearly wide enough for my needs. I can'ts exactly fit in the penthouse and well I'm not too keen on fightings Napoleon for it neither. He's still sulkin causn he losted the wozog contest. Says he wont come out till he is declared purtyiest kitteh in the world or somefing likes that.

Oh, Momma wanted me to lets you all know about Belle. Its kinda funny I guess, but since Greatgrandma isn't to good wif her eyes and can't tells the difference between an all black kitty (like me) and a black kitty wif white paws and markings (like Belle) Great keeps finking I is the one who is prego! oh k, wait..thats not funny! She finks I is fat! I is a musclularly studmuffin and is not fats in any way. The scale lies I do not weigh 11 pounds!!
So back to Belle who is definelty prego. Momma is finking based on the size of Belle and the recent definete confirmed movements of the alien hatchlings (hehe)that miss mommy to be is probablys gonna has them on Easter which is exactlys 6 days from now. Of coursen as each day comes and goes, Momma is gonna be feeling and petting up Belle's tumtum and checking to make sure she is doing ok. Ever since Momma first suspected that the stumpet, I mean Belle, got it on wif the local tomcat she has been putting out extra foods.

Now we all eat from the same bowl, so of course I has been helping myself to the extra available yum yums. And as soon as Momma thoughts that Belle was prego she switched from our normal kitty food to a mix with kitten chow and adult formula. As the weeks has gone by, Momma has gradually phased in more kitten foods and included some scrumpshish wet food. Its a premuim wet food, wif real actuall fishy in it! Mackeral, tuna, salmon ect...oh yes, I hope that it never stops!! Course, Momma says as soon as Belle is ready for the hatchlings she will be moved into a special room and her special food will goes wif her! Sighs. I thinks though that for my super sensitive (hehe, wink wink) tummy I should have a gradual phase out of the yummy kitten chow and the scrumpshish wet delightfuls food. Or I may has to announce wif much hurling and hacking up of the normal nutrious but not nearly so delious kitty food, untils I gets my way ;)

March 16, 2008

Blanket Update

Author: Momma

Well, as you can see I've finally got back to working on the blanket and its proceeding at a somewhat good pace. I'm still hoping to finish it by working 1-2 hours a day for the next week. Fingers crossed and it should be done by next sunday. I've made a really big blanket years ago, and it took about 8 hours a day for 4-5 days a week and was done in about 2 months. This one will be much smaller. I just want it big enough to tuck around your feet and about up to your waist in a sitting position.

About Belle and the bumps... I think I've seen the bumps move, but its not a steady movement so its hard to tell for sure. Mostly there is something like a twitch or a rapid wave across her belly. I've been a foster mom to a few pregnant cats before and even hand reared a litter after their mum died. So, I'm somewhat knowledgable...however, its always harder when you don't know the conceptition date because you just have to guesstimate when she should be moved to an isolated area. I'm hoping she won't decide to have them during the middle of the night or under one of the beds.
My first experience with a litter (as an adult) was with my oldest cat, Empress Tao. She was under the bed and let out this unholy YEOWL. I called to her and she jumped up on the bed. Then she climbed in my lap and began to move her back legs back and forth and then....there was a big disgusting bubble at her back end! EWW the miracle of life is disgusting! lol. I got her into the bathroom, got a towel and let her get comfy. She ended up nesting the towel inbetween my legs and using my thighs as a pushing platform. It was a very intense and emotional experience for me. She had three adorable babies that grew into wonderful loving companions for their forever homes.
I'm looking forward to this new miracle, but at the same time I'm apprehinsive because I'll have to keep myself from getting attached to any of the bumps. I have enough kittys as it is! lol. And as soon as Belle is done nursing them, its off to the vet for a little ladygardenectomy!!!!

March 14, 2008

I is getting rounder


Well its been a while since I,the great and beautiful Belle, has gotten a chance to blog! My brother has been soooo obsessed about the wozog cat idol contest! So I haven't had a chance to spill the beans to all the beans. (hehe) After many escapes aided by my sometimes clueless bean greatgrandma and once even by Momma, well I met a few random toms...and you can fill in the rest.

Mine tummy is getting rounder, the "pinking up" has occured, yup, I is gonna be hatching some kittens soon. So far Momma hasn't ever seen the kittens move, and well since I was let out on 3 different occasions there is no way to say for sure when I am due.

Momma is planning on preparing the MasterBath and putting food, bedding, litterbox and toys in there and confining me so I have the kittens in a good safe and easily cleaned area. She thinks that when my milk drops down, then she will have a day or two warning and will be able to convince me to waddle into that room voluntarily. HA! I plan on having my babies where I want! Perhaps in some hard to reach area of the house on the brand new carpet in the middle of the night. Yup. Thats my plan.

March 13, 2008

I need a snuggles!

Author: Napoleon

Oh the shame, oh the sadness, oh the humiliation!! I, the most beautifulest of all meezers in the whole wide worldth has lost! I was not in last place most of yesterday and then booms! I getted lost at the last minute. My sister, Raowr, is cuddling up wif me...but Hunter is sayings I be a big baby now.

I say "NO! is not fair, no no no! I is the cutest! I should has won!!" that is totally not being a baby, that is being a spoiled rotten meezer mancat. ;) And really...I lost to some kittehs who are not nearly as cute as me! I just wasn't getting enough people to go to the site and vote. I don't know who momma is gonna vote for now on there, cause we don't know any of thems and we don't thinks they is nearly as cute as ME!!!!!
SIGHS! Oh k, I guessing its back to being a proud step-father to my darling Isis's new litter of ittle bittle kittehs. Just cause I isn't a predigree, and lost my dangly bits doesn't mean I can't be a father...I just has to be a step-father is all. So I gots 3 good looking boy babys and a darling little girl baybee. And their Momma is doing great! She's so purty! She totally would have won if she hadn't been sooo ummm round and preoccupied wif the little'ns ...well, and she didn't enter that I'm guessing thats why she didn't wins neither.
I is gonna do some serious posing and get Momma to reenter me in the next times they has a contest. I'm a guessing since no one could see's my beautifuls blue eyes...they couldn't vote. I can't help it, when Momma rubbs my ears and my face I just close my eyes and go ppppuuuuuurrrrssss.

March 12, 2008

Why aren't you voting?!?

Author: Napoleon

I is sooo close to losings! I needs your votes on pwease?!? Our mentor the great and beautiful Daisy the curly cat gotted eliminated!! THats because peoples isn't votings for their favorite kitteh!!
So go go go to and vote each and every day for me ~ NAPOLEON!

March 9, 2008

Well no sunday blanket update this week. I actually didn't do any work on it the entire week!! I am soooo lazy and behind in my work. I guess its cause my Napoleon is on and is competing in the Cat Idol contest! He is very close to losing though, there is a four way tie for last place!!!!! we need each and every one of you to go to wozog and vote each day!!

oh and here are a few funny, heartwarming and amusing photos I found earlier this week....

Well, won't allow me to upload any photos..I'll try to do that after we get back from church. Hopefully it will be all fixed by then!

March 7, 2008

Can't type...kitteh walking on body....argh, claws!!!!

Author: Momma

I was going to sit down and blog a little, but someone wouldn't leave me alone and decided that she has to walk all over my ummm rack.
Here is another pic of her sitting on my shoulder right before she decided I needed new scars on my sensitive areas!! lol

Why yes Momma I will sit still, but only if I gets to chose my spot!!

Btw. Don't forget to vote for Napoleon in the cat idol contest on !!

March 4, 2008

Proud Stork Hunters are we~!

author: Napoleon

It has come to mine attention that there be great big white flying snacks! I has had great success wif the little swimming snacks aka fishies, so I finks I am ready for the bigger challenge. My love Isis is gonna be hasing some bebbeh kittehs soon, and her big brother says the Stork is sure to show up. So we is all keeping an eye out and being very very quiet while we wait for the blessed event..the arrival of the great flying white snack!! oh and the bebbehs too.

Don't forget to vote for me in the Cat Idol! Meezer Beauty is soooo must show your Meezer Pride peoples and kittehs!!

Cat Idol on Wozog

March 2, 2008

Sunday Blanket Update

Author: Momma

Well another week has gone by and the blanket is getting bigger. I'll show you a picture from 2 weeks ago. You can see the blanket is finally large enough for Napoleon to really spread out. Soon you won't be able to see the rug underneath! lol
I'm estimated/guestimating that the blanket should be done in 1-2 more weeks. I could have finished in only 2 weeks if I was just making it for a kitty, but for a needs to be a bit bigger.

Here's the update from
Napoleon has made it past the first round of voting, thank you all who voted!!! Don't forget to keep coming back to that site everyday!! Napoleon is very vain and you mights hurt his feelings!

Some information about 's Cat Idol Contest:

How does Cat Idol work?

There will be lets say 24 cat pictures up. But you can only vote for one. After 24 hours the cat with the least amount of fan votes will be eliminated. So then there will be 23 cats. The voting starts ALL over again. Previous votes do no go over to the next round. As long as your cat does not get the least amount of votes, he or she is safe. This will go on until only one cat is left standing

This means everyday you must must must go and vote for my baby Napoleon...or else I will have to suffer! Please save the MOMMA!!!!

March 1, 2008


Go to the site at the bottom and vote vote vote!!

Author: Napoleon

Wozog is having a Cat Idol contest, where the most beautifulest kitty is crowned. My momma has entereds me in the contest, please please please go to this site
Wozog, Cat IDOL and vote! I wants to be the IDOL!