March 27, 2008

More snow in March!

And a pregnancy update video

Author: Momma

Well, here it is thursday and no babies! Sigh!! Woke up this fine day to see a light dusting of snow, kind of a surprise for Oregon in March. If you look at the first picture you can see my freshly planted rose bushes amidst the snow dusting. I hope they'll do ok. The stores around here only sell roses in the last week of Febuary and in March, so you have to buy the plants when they are available and get them into good soil asap so they can grow beautiful roses their first year. Otherwise you have to pamper them,wait, and hope that they do better their second year.

I love roses, and when I first moved here I dug up a couple of bushes I had planted at my apartment. I brought 4 all together and sadly the first year 2 didn't make it. I had a purple rose that bloomed a few times last year and the other rose bush never made buds. So I know for a fact that I had 2 reds, a yellow and purple rosebush. I know that the purple one survived, but I have no idea what color the other bush was. I plan on getting some good quality rose food this first week of April and fertilizing the two older plants.

The 4 new roses I planted, I put in soil that was already fertilized. See the soil around here is almost completly clay. weee! So if you want anything to grow you must first dig a huge hole and throw away all the clay. Then you fill the hole about 3/4 full of good quality potting soil. Making sure to pat the soil up the sides of the hole. Then you can finally put the new plant in the hole, fill in with the rest of the soil, add the barkdust so it blends with the rest of the yard, and water. And hope you did

This year, I've bought 2 reds and I think two yellows, or at least one yellow and maybe a white. It doesn't really matter the color, I just love gardening and roses and flowers are so beautiful.

Sigh, too much kitten anxiety...I can't seem to remeber anything but the kittens to come. So I'm going to head off for now, I'll update as soon as those little darlings make their debut into the world.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the kittens!

  2. Dearest Belle, I'm pretty sure you'll have your kittens this weekend! I seem to remember you getting out about the time I was "pinking up", so since I did that at day 21 after mating and my kittens are 21 days old tomorrow - well I think I have the maths right! ;)

    Being a first time momma can be a little scary at first, but don't worry you'll do just fine! :) Now remember to get all the sleep you can before the kittens arrive as you won't sleep much for the first 48 hrs after they are born (nor will your Momma, but don't tell her that or she may tell you to cross your legs and keep 'em inside!) ;)


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  4. What? The snow is not gone yet?
    I am waiting for the kittens to awwive too!

  5. I hope the kittens come soon and the winter leaves fast!!!!

  6. Have they arrived yet? Is Napoleon plagued by kittens too, or is he silly like Ramses and find them deeply attractive?! Well I guess I also find them attractive in a too small and cute to "bop" kind of way... But I love to play "bop" :(