March 24, 2008

What?? Nothing going on here!

Author: Belle

Nope, its Monday and still no bebbehs. I am getting mighty tired of all the running around they is doing in my tummy, but from what I understand about kittens they have to hatch at their own speed. In that picture, you might think there is kittens, but no, thats just the paws and big belly of my brother, Hunter. Totally fooled you for a second though! lol

Momma really had hoped for the kittens on easter, but since I got out 3 different times there's no real way to count the days since I met my special tom. I am getting very round and yes, my hips are sticking out and I waddle a little bit. My milk glands are getting more swollen everyday and the kittens are very very active inside my tumtum. But they aren't listening to Momma who keeps telling them to come on out and play!
The other interesting thing is that my kitty momma was a part siamese but I am a tuxie girl. The toms that are in the neighborhood are a siamese (full), a siamese mix, a grey and white one, a black manx, and a tiger striped tom. Those are just the ones that we have for sure seen in our front yard. So what kind of kittens I hatch out are going to be a big surprise! Momma has her fingers crossed on a siamese mix, but I personally think I shall only have tuxies or black panther kittehs. hehe Momma thinks I shall have 2-3 kittens, but I plan on surprising her with at least 4. Everything that momma is thinking I is gonna try and mess up, cause well...a girl has to has some mystery and surprises in her life! lol

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  1. Why not mess with your Momma's head some more and have kittens from more than one tom!? ;) I fink a manx one and a couple of siamese crosses would do nicely! :)