March 16, 2008

Blanket Update

Author: Momma

Well, as you can see I've finally got back to working on the blanket and its proceeding at a somewhat good pace. I'm still hoping to finish it by working 1-2 hours a day for the next week. Fingers crossed and it should be done by next sunday. I've made a really big blanket years ago, and it took about 8 hours a day for 4-5 days a week and was done in about 2 months. This one will be much smaller. I just want it big enough to tuck around your feet and about up to your waist in a sitting position.

About Belle and the bumps... I think I've seen the bumps move, but its not a steady movement so its hard to tell for sure. Mostly there is something like a twitch or a rapid wave across her belly. I've been a foster mom to a few pregnant cats before and even hand reared a litter after their mum died. So, I'm somewhat knowledgable...however, its always harder when you don't know the conceptition date because you just have to guesstimate when she should be moved to an isolated area. I'm hoping she won't decide to have them during the middle of the night or under one of the beds.
My first experience with a litter (as an adult) was with my oldest cat, Empress Tao. She was under the bed and let out this unholy YEOWL. I called to her and she jumped up on the bed. Then she climbed in my lap and began to move her back legs back and forth and then....there was a big disgusting bubble at her back end! EWW the miracle of life is disgusting! lol. I got her into the bathroom, got a towel and let her get comfy. She ended up nesting the towel inbetween my legs and using my thighs as a pushing platform. It was a very intense and emotional experience for me. She had three adorable babies that grew into wonderful loving companions for their forever homes.
I'm looking forward to this new miracle, but at the same time I'm apprehinsive because I'll have to keep myself from getting attached to any of the bumps. I have enough kittys as it is! lol. And as soon as Belle is done nursing them, its off to the vet for a little ladygardenectomy!!!!

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