March 19, 2008

One of these kittehs is pregnant

(click to biggify)

In that picture, my brofur and my sista is cuddling. Of course, those of yous who read here regularly know which is which. However, those who don't knows us berry well will has to wonder wich of those is prego! My brofur Hunter is all being like "wwaaa, I is not fat, I is not prego, I is a studdly mancat" but when randoms beans and kittehs is asked...they fink the all black kitty is the one that is gonna has kittens! hehehehe

Oh and for the records I was not sulking in my kitty penthouse. I was meerly resting up for the next contest on Wozog. The contest is now called Cat apprentice. The goal is to NOT have very many votes. So I is asking you all to go to wozog and vote for the lamest kitteh there and vote them off so I can be the cat pretince.

PS, we is taking guessings on when Belle will hatch her alien offspring. There be no prize money or fabo stuff cause Momma has spented alot of money preparing for the aliens...however, Momma will dedicate a special post to whomever wins. You has to leave a date and time you think the kitten hatching will occur ( incase of a two people saying the same day, the tie will be settled by the time) You must guess before the date the aliens arrive,which could be any day or 2 squillion weeks from now so get your guess in!!!!


  1. Well iffen Belle gotted pregnant when your Momma thought about Jan 18th, she's have the kittens on or about March 23rd! I reckon she'll be starting kittening late at night, so from 10:30pm to 6:30am the next morning - girly cats are just like that you know! ;) She's get mega fussy a few hours before kittening, so make sure she's not sitting on your fave bed when she's like that or her waters might break all over it! Eeew...

  2. My guesstimate will be for sunday mar 23 at about 3:30pm, just in time for Easter dinner!

  3. I guess Caturday Apr 22 at 11:30 pm Pacific.
    But Ramses is more sperienced wif this an proly closer to rite.

    So, Nap, when are YOUR kittens due? ;-)