Nov 30, 2007

This is my BOX!!!

Author: Napoleon

I knows I isn'ts suppose to blog on fridays but I don'ts care!! I is suppose to bloggy on the wednesdays, but Momma wasn't here to let me ins to play with the clickty clack machine. SO I is stealing the blog today. Belle isn't amuseded but I don'ts care. so there NENNERRRR!(tongue sticking out)

As you can sees in this picture, I is laying claim to the box. Momma buys us toys of all sorts and shapes, buts we love the boxes bestest of all! Sometimes I climbs in and then I wait till one of my sisters or brother walks by, thens I pounce! hehehe They nevers know it was me!!

Momma says she gots some information about a secret paw thingie. We don't know about secret paws, but they better nots send us anofer kitty attched to that paw!! She says we isn't gonna be alloweds to play with the toys or box and stuff because she is sendings them to our secret paw away across the country. WHAT?? You is bringing toys and anofer box into my house and finks I isn't gonna play wif them???? You is nuts Momma!!

Nov 26, 2007

My brofur and I warm together

Author: Hunter

I has been advised to warn Isis there may be a spot 13 violation in this photo. I is an innocent mancat and had nothings to do wif it! Anyways, I is bery it is almoost 10:30pms and Momma has just nows lets me on to blog. She is muttering about packing and something or other and being too,wait, what?, packing?!?
Hows did I miss Momma taking out the black-going-away-for-a-squillion-days-bag??????
Oh I can'ts stay on here long nows, I has to go destroy all the toilets paper and move all the rugs. There is retrubrations and punihsments and a whole lots of other stuff. I means the last time Momma was goings away, she promised turkey. I don't care whats her story was when she gots home...she didn'ts has the turkey!!!! We got chickens the next days and steak today...dang, nows I see...she gibs us the steak cause she knows she is in big trubles for leavings us again!! Must plot horrible pubishments...don't worrys though, we is gonna try and bisit while Momma is away...we mights not be able to get the keyboard workings, but we be bisiting you all, never fear.

Nov 23, 2007

Aren't I the smartest one? I got the middle spot!!

Author: Belle

Yes, you may admire my silky black and white furs. I think I make a stunning tuxie contrast in any trio of kitties. Napoleon was a little put out cause his big tush doesn't fit in the basket with the rest of us. I told him to stop scarfing all the treats and maybe he can fit...hehe.

Actually if Napoleon had climbing in first, then he would have fit. Hunter takes up half the basket all by his self! Thankfully Raowr and I are petite little girls so we only take up half of the basket combined. I really like having a sister, cause there were simply too many boys in the house before. I can groom little Raowr and play ickle kitteh with her and she loves it. I try that with Hunter and he acts like a grump. Says he is too "diginified" for that. And Napoleon thinks when I start grooming him that it means I want to wrestle. I tell him "no, this means I want to groom you!!" but he doesn't listen.

We had a horrible surprise for thanksgiving. We didn't get any turkey leftovers! I know "GASP!!" the horror! Momma had a bag of leftovers, but she met this person at the gas station and he had only had turkey lunchmeat for dinner, so she gave him all her leftovers. SIGH! I guess it was for a good cause, but we is gonna demand chicken be cooked extra special for us tonight to make up for the no turkey!

And then on top of the not getting any leftovers, we thought we had gotten away from our weekly nail trimming. See Momma usually does it on thursdays and we didn't get our claws trimmed yesterday. We thought we were in the clear! But nooooo, today she pulls out the snip-clip and WHAM, no more claws!! At least it happened to all of us, hehe, I know Hunter and Napoleon put up a fuss. I just take it with grace and patience, after all a southern belle lady has standards to live up to.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all those who celebrated it, and Happy Belated thursday to those who don't.

Nov 21, 2007

Oh Isis, I has a question....

Author: Napoleon
Does this photo make my tush look big?? I didn't fink so either, but all the ofer kittehs are snickering an awful lot today.

(I will post more later todays, but I wanted to put this photo ups, before we hit the sleeping time.)

Ok, I only has a few moments that I is able to steal the puter aways from Momma. But I promised I woods get back online and post a little bit more.
I fanks Isis and all the otter kittys thats says my tush is not too big. Though I is planning on hasing lots of turkey and table scraps tomorrow, so it may grow in the next few days.
As you can tells from the picture, I is getting along ok with little Raowr. She is actually starting to play and run around now. It was weird, I never knows any kitteh who doesn't play...but the first 3 days, I fink maybe she wasn't feeling too well. She snuggled and cuddled with Momma alots, but she didn'ts play. Now her poo is more normal,but she is fartings ALOTs now and they is stinky enough to make a mancat proud and teeny bits jealous.
She eats a TON of our yummy foods ands she chased the red dot wif us. I fink with four of us chasing its we is gonna get it cornered one day real soon and put the big time bitey on it!!
Momma says maybe the little Raowr was only being fed table scraps and nots any real kittey food cause when Momma gives us extra special treat time, she only gives us a teeny tiny mouthful of chicken and she is very careful to give it in seperate spots so we each has time to sniff it and leek it and then eats it wifout worrying another kitty is gonna eats it. Well, when Raowr saws there was treat time, she bolteds in and snatched the chicken from right under our noses!!! She scarfed hers down then shoved each one of us bigger kittys out of the way and leeked up every tiny speck of it. We was not amused wif her! Momma had to hold her and then put more chicken downs for us. When Raowr saws that more chicken, she tried to skydive from Momma's arms to get to it. She wents insanes!! She has never had chicken here at her new home before, or tablescraps of any kind but she knew instantly whats was going on and wasn't abouts to be left out, so thats why Momma finks she must have gotten thems at her old house. At least here she gets good foods wif occasional special treats. I'm gonna bop her on the heads next time she steals my chicken though!

Nov. 19, 2007

I love Boxes!!!

Author:Cashmere Hunter Growlypants

I may nots be a pedigrees kitty, but at least I gots a fancy name. Momma yells all 3 of them whens I pounce on her at night. I isn't sure why that happens, but I think I'll try it again tonight just to make sure. I has to be scientifics you know? Repeats the experiments...hehe.
I wants to give an updates about the little Raowr girlkitteh. She stopped hissing at us all and Momma has caughts her snuggling with each and every one of us. For the most part though, Raowr seems to like to snuggle up with beans best of all. Momma had a visitor over and little Raowr mades a beeline for the visitor and stole the lap!! Momma was surprised cause the rest of us always get freakeds out and run for cover, but that little one didn'ts at all.
Now I hads no problem with the new little kitteh, cause I is a laid back cool-as-ice mancat. Howevers, I know for a facts that Napoleon was abouts to throw a hissy fit back at her. He didn'ts like all the hissing she was doing, so he hissed back alot. But Momma knows from experiences that we will get over it. Cause Napoleon hissed at Belle and Belle hissed at him when she first moved in and now they is the bestest of buddys! So just about 5 days after she showeded up, she is fitting in just fine. Momma ooohs and awws over her all the time, like she is an ickle kitteh that is super special. I don't know, I fink its cause Raowr follows her around the house like a puppy doggie.

Anyways, at least I is still maintainings my mancatly dignity well, that is unless the silly red dot comes out to play. I almosted caught it a few times yesterday. I know its got to come out and play again real soon and one day, POUNCE!!! I shall catch it and put the bitey on it...but till then, I put the bitey on our favorite carboarded box!

Zoolatry Thanks for makings a photo for the holiday of little Raowr. We wills post it the day after FanksGivings.

Nov 16, 2007

Oooh, goodie, a box!!!!

Author: Belle

Momma has boughten us a squillion toys, but we like what the toys come in better sometimes!! Boxes are so great, they are fun to pounce into and sniff and of course to put the bitey on!!

As you can tell from this picture, the new kitten has stopped putting her back fur up and growling at us so much. She is very funny though, cause she will put the smack-down on Napoleon. He is getting really rough and tough since he thinks he is a mancat now. But little itty bitty new kitty doesn't put up with that at all!!

Momma hasn't officially named the new one yet, but she is kinda calling her Little Raowr. If you say it out loud it sounds kind of like a meow/roar combination. So little Raowr has been here a few days. No one has called about her, or even emailed. Momma thinks this is another kitten that got dumped. Its a very bad group of people that think the kittens are getting forever homes, some of them don't get found and get eaten by critters out in the woods! Momma sadly knows this cause when she first moved here, her kitty GingerSnap got killed. She was very sad and then she had to hand raise Gingersnaps babies.
(gross stuff coming up, jump the paragraph if you is sensitive or squeamish)

Its good she has alot of experience with different, ummm, kitty outputs. She is wondering if Little Raowr's poo is loose cause of the switch in diet or if its an underlying illness. She thinks she might have to take her to the vet if it doesn't resolve in a few days. Its definetly not watery or uncontrollable, which Momma thanks heavens for...but its not normal. She is making sure to scoop our litterbox daily and keeping an eye on everyone.

(Ok, you can look now)
Little Raowr is a little underweight, not emaciated, but definetly needs a better quality kitty food then what her previous owners were feeding her. Her fur isn't as sleek and shiny and healthy looking as mine is. Even the stinkyfurball known as Napoleon has better looking furs then Little Raowr does. Now that the newcomer isn't hissing all the time, I might get a chance to start grooming her and maybe her furs will look better. Plus the all you can scarf food buffet with yummy foods should help. Of course, as the senior girl kitty I still eat first. Everyone else waits till I'm done. :)

Nov. 14, 2007

Lounging with my favorite sista

Author: Napoleon

Yeahs, so it turns out my sista and my brofer have been sayings that I stink and have a stinky butt and all this stuff. Its no big deal, I gots the whole thwapping thing down...I gets back to them what they is dishing out.

Oh yeh, and you see how I said " I is lounging with my favorite sista"? There is a reason fours that. See somehow Momma gots a reputations in the neighborhood and every time a stray kitten shows up, the kids bring it to our house. Yeah, last times it was remember him? He was a loud little grey kitten that yelled alots. Since he was a boy, and I'm still gots my dangly bits, Momma said he couldn't stay insides. She puts extra food outs for him and he was always super happy to see her. Turns out one of the other neighbors really likeds him and they took him insides. Thats great cause its gonna get chilly outsides for stray kittehs.
Anymew, Yesterdays a kids comes a knock knockings on our door. And the herd of children hold up this little furry thing and says to Momma "is this your kitteh?" And she goes, "Nope".

Now you thinks this would be the end of the story...rights??

. She opens the door and takes the kitteh and then says she'll keep it. I'ms like "WHATT???" um, hello?? Another kitteh?? Momma had said she was gonna adopts another girl kitty so the ratios would be evens, but I thoughts that was like foreva in the future when the little girl kitty growed up enough to fly here!!

I am centsing a pattern hears! First time Momma was gonna adopts a kitteh from over the nets, Belle showed up. Then the next times Momma was gonna adopts Dinah if she was spayeds and Screamer showed ups. This time she was gonna adopt a baby Tortie, and THIS SHOWS UP......

(Momma says she reminds her of her missing kitten, Rajjah, from last year, kinda.)

She is abouts 10-12 weeks old, a girl,and tiger stipeded with white paws and chin. She was very stinky and very flea bittens. Momma gave her a bath, trimmed her claws and treated us all with flea medicines. She learneds that the hard way when Belle came here. Belle hads lots of fleas, I didn't and Hunter didn' she only treated Belle. Then the fleas jumped off of her and onto us boys! So then she treateded us, and the fleas jumped on her...hehehe. Soooo, this times we all gots the flea stinky medicines. And we isn't alloweds into the bedroom tonight, so momma doesn't wake up itchy.

Now Momma says she isn't fur sures keeping the new kitteh, she put ans ad on Craigslist and put upped a sign downs the street advertisings that she found the little kitteh. But she figures its safer to keeps the little bugger in the houses where its warm and safe while waitings for an owner to call or email.

Oh yeahs, did I mention this little fur bag growls all the time? She's the tiniest of us all and she is the fiercests sounding one!! She adores Momma though, follows her arounds and perches on her shoulder and in her lap. She obviously is tryings to steal my Momma's lovins!! Momma says nots to worry, there is always plenty of love to go around and she is tryings to make extras sure to take special time four each of us to get extras pettings, whens the growling furball isn't in her lap. I'm not sharing my blog with any more kittehs, no matter what!!!!!!!!!

Nov 12, 2007

I am the studly wonderkitty

Author: Hunter
Photo courtesy of Zoolatry (thanks!!)

I have noticed lately thats alot of the girl kitties out there are defending my stinky little meezer brother. Perhaps the gentle girlkitties havesn't looked closely enough into my beautiful golden eyes? It is obviouse thats I am the bestest and most handsomest of the male kitties in this house. And its super true that my brother is stinky. Its a fact! His stinky farts are enough to wakes Momma up from a dead sleep. They is some kind of toxic noxious gas!!!

Anyway, enough about the is all about me. I saw something that I had to eat, it crawled up the looked crunchy, thwaaaaaaappppp, gulp, was crunchy!! I tried to upload a photos of the many legged snack, but blogger is being frustrating again. I was supppppposseee to blog earlier in the day, but Momma didn't factor ins the big winds. We was without lights or heat today. Thankfully she did crank up the heat earlier, made the house super warm before we lost the power. I do not understand that phrase, lose power? I never lose power, I am the ruler of the house no matter what that stinky little meezer says. I is bigger! I gets to be on the lap first and I lets him have the "special" pillow hims and Belle is always wineing abouts just cause I is tired of listening to the two annoying furbags...not because I is lossing the power!
Anyway, Momma says the power is I is able to FINALLLY gets back on here and do my blog. I shall of course exersice my impressive power now and force stupid blogger to let me post a picture of my yummy many legged snack....big sigh, it acted like it was gonna let me, then it poofed...grrr. I shall post my snack another time. Now its time for a nap, then all the girl kitties can write and let me know how much cuter I am then stinkybutt,umm...I mean Napoleon.
Yes, Momma, I is being really nice this time...I got to go...*poofing out in a cloud of black fur*

Nov. 9, 2007

Well at least I got my red carpet

Author: Belle
Photo courtesy of Zoolatry (thanks!!)

Well, as you can tell from the photo I did eventually get my red carpet treatment. Still I don't thinks its fair that I always have to be the one to suffer lost of blog privelages when Momma goes out of town. She says its just because friday happens to be a common day for her to be out of town. I think its a direct slur against my greatness!!
You know, stinky little Napoleon can go on and on about his royal heritage, but you haven't seen anything till you've seen a true Southern Kitty Belle in a tizzy! I have decided to ruin the sofa some more and to drink from the 'quarium alot lately. I think I shall teach Momma to leave on wednesdays instead of fridays. She keeps muttering something about "soft claws" and when are they going to arrive. I don't know anyone named SoftClaws and I think having two brothers is enough, I would like a sister instead! What do you mean its not another brother? Its a WHAT?? Momma says its a thing that goes over my claws to keep me from destroying the sofa...but thats one of my favorite things to do!!! I LOVE stretching my legs and digging in my claws and really letting that sofa know who's boss!! Wait, what, huh, it comes in pretty colors?? Hmmm, ok, maybe I'll wear them. But only if Napoleon has to wear them too! hehehe

Oh before I forget, Momma wanted me to update you on BearBear. Do you remember that Momma stuck poor old BearBear in the washing machine, and then since he was sooo old he exploded and lost his guts all over? Well, she went to the store and bought more guts and suctured up his wound. I didn't realize they sold guts in the store!! Anyway, BearBear is back on duty guarding the bed when I'm not there. Its very nice to have him all whole again! Yeah, welcome back BearBear!!

Nov. 7, 2007

That is my throne!!

Author: Napoleon
Pictures this week all by Zoolatry.

Thats my throne, ands that proves I gets to rules. Cause only rulers gets to have their own thrones. I is looking for my crown, but I has not seens it yet. I bets Momma is hiding it cause I was naughty. Last time she went aways for a few days, I unpluggeded the snack bowl and a fishy forgoted how to swim. He floated to the top. Not my fault, I didn't put a delicious snack bowl on the counter...and then leave it unguarded for days!! hehehe
Momma wants me to let everyones know fanks for telling her abouts the soft claws. I don't know whats it is, but Momma says she's gonna gets some and puts them on me and Belle. Hmm, it better be somefing nice, and not something all pink and girly...I has my boykitty dignity to keep ups!!

Nov. 5, 2007

Do I look amused??

Author: Hunter

I can snot beweve that I was snot the blogging kitty on Halloween!! Its snot fair!!
I is the perfect choice for the halloween because I is the blackest, furriest, softest fiercest-looking kitty in the entire house! But noooo Momma had to let StinkyButt be the blogger. She said somefing about it being his day of the week to blog! GRRRRR
Yah, I is gonna call him StinkButt from now on...somefing happeneded to his butt, he farts alot now. And they is stinky farts! At least whens I fart, no one nose! I finks it all started when he started the caterwalling...he seys he is serinadings a special girlycat. I calls it loud ands annoseying. I finks Momma agrees. But she wont tell him, cause he is all sensitives now thats he is mooning over that girlycat.

Anyway Momma has a question she wants me to ask all the beans out there. Its a delicate subjects I guess...I wouldn't nose cause I already had my dangling bits stolen. She says that she is at her limits with the two idiots...ok ok, she didnts call them that...I guess they have names....the two little furry bundles of joy (oh ick I is gonna be sick)...they has both been killings the furniture. She bought that sticky doubles sided tape to put on the sofa...they peeleds it off. She bought this sprays that is suppose to makes the kitties avoid the area. Stinkybutt hates it, but Spoiled Brat Belle doesn't even care that its there. And after awhiles Stinkybutt ignores it and goes back to scratching, likes maybe an hour later. And on top of all thats Momma says she can smells it baaaaddd....and she hates the smell ofs it.

So thats didn't work. The two bad ones keep killings all the furniture, if Momma sees them doing it...she hisses at them and they run away...but as soon as she leaves they do it again. Sooooo, I guess she is finking that she should have them declawed whens they get their bits stolen. I finks its cheaper to do it all at once rather then two surgerys. Momma has never ever dones that to a kitty befour...and she really doesn't wants to...but she isn't gonna have any furniture to sits on soon. She tried putting on a throw or covers, but the brats finks its a toy...they pull it off or play under it ands they still keep scritching the sofa and lazyboy.

We has two different kinds of scratching posts, one thats carpety and one thats cardboardy...I only use the cardboard one and nevers the furniture.

Momma says her questions to the beans out there is this: Is there anything else that is cheaps -she spent a mini fortune already-that could keep the furr darlings (eww) from killings the furniture. The declaws is a last resort. Momma has been losing her wits over this issue, so she needs your imputs.

Nov. 2, 2007

She rings our bell

Photo Courtesy of Zoolatry

Author: Belle

I can't get on the computer too long, since Momma is out of town. I had to sneak in, can you believe that? I, the pretty southern Belle, has to SNEAK into anywhere. I should have an open door and a red carpet entrance everytime! Anyway, I am not going to make much of an issue of that as I am suitably happy because my momma emailed me a wonderful picture. Its a picture of ME! And it was done by the great lady at Zoolatry.
I love it very much. I hope to have more time next week when its my turn to blog again, instead of only a few stolen minutes. Oh the shame of having to sneak into a room!!! I shall never live this down. I demand extra stinky goodness and a red carpet next time!