Nov 23, 2007

Aren't I the smartest one? I got the middle spot!!

Author: Belle

Yes, you may admire my silky black and white furs. I think I make a stunning tuxie contrast in any trio of kitties. Napoleon was a little put out cause his big tush doesn't fit in the basket with the rest of us. I told him to stop scarfing all the treats and maybe he can fit...hehe.

Actually if Napoleon had climbing in first, then he would have fit. Hunter takes up half the basket all by his self! Thankfully Raowr and I are petite little girls so we only take up half of the basket combined. I really like having a sister, cause there were simply too many boys in the house before. I can groom little Raowr and play ickle kitteh with her and she loves it. I try that with Hunter and he acts like a grump. Says he is too "diginified" for that. And Napoleon thinks when I start grooming him that it means I want to wrestle. I tell him "no, this means I want to groom you!!" but he doesn't listen.

We had a horrible surprise for thanksgiving. We didn't get any turkey leftovers! I know "GASP!!" the horror! Momma had a bag of leftovers, but she met this person at the gas station and he had only had turkey lunchmeat for dinner, so she gave him all her leftovers. SIGH! I guess it was for a good cause, but we is gonna demand chicken be cooked extra special for us tonight to make up for the no turkey!

And then on top of the not getting any leftovers, we thought we had gotten away from our weekly nail trimming. See Momma usually does it on thursdays and we didn't get our claws trimmed yesterday. We thought we were in the clear! But nooooo, today she pulls out the snip-clip and WHAM, no more claws!! At least it happened to all of us, hehe, I know Hunter and Napoleon put up a fuss. I just take it with grace and patience, after all a southern belle lady has standards to live up to.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all those who celebrated it, and Happy Belated thursday to those who don't.


  1. You *are smart, Belle, to be in the middle - and such pretty furs!

    That was nice of your momma to give that man her leftovers, but I hope she gives you LOTS of chicken!

  2. Oah, Belly~!
    you makes me smiling~!!!!!

  3. Your Momma's a very nice lady to help someone out like that, but giving away your leftovers is a bit much...No wonder you're all insisting on having a roasty chicken now! :)

    Isis says she'd like to point out that Napoleon's bottom is just the right size to fit next to hers... Do you'z ever get the idea that she might just like him a bit?! ;)


  4. You are very smart to get the warm and cozy middle spot!

  5. hope you had a lovely fanksgiving! your mum was very kind to give YOUR turkey away, after you have punished her you must also give her some praise :) xxx