Nov. 2, 2007

She rings our bell

Photo Courtesy of Zoolatry

Author: Belle

I can't get on the computer too long, since Momma is out of town. I had to sneak in, can you believe that? I, the pretty southern Belle, has to SNEAK into anywhere. I should have an open door and a red carpet entrance everytime! Anyway, I am not going to make much of an issue of that as I am suitably happy because my momma emailed me a wonderful picture. Its a picture of ME! And it was done by the great lady at Zoolatry.
I love it very much. I hope to have more time next week when its my turn to blog again, instead of only a few stolen minutes. Oh the shame of having to sneak into a room!!! I shall never live this down. I demand extra stinky goodness and a red carpet next time!


  1. Hi there,
    Just read your comment on Missy's blog. I am fairly sure I will keep the Big Momma Tortie, but the adorable baby must find a home. It won't be hard. She is a perfect circle shape with widdle ears and eyes. Also, Dinah will be looking for a home. And all the mites, possibly might keep one.
    Email me with your email address and I'll send you some pictures I took of Babie Tortie today. She has markings like KC, except her hair is very long and very fluffy.
    ML (Mary Lynn)

  2. that's a lovely poicture of you!
    hope your mum is having a lovely time away! x

  3. Dats an awesome picture Belle.

  4. That is such a pretty picture! We really likes it!

  5. Oh wow, that's a beeyootiful pickshure, Belle! I just love Maggy and Zoey's photoportraits.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  6. Oh yes a girlycat needs special treatment that's for sure! :) I hope you've been explaining this to Napoleon... ;)


  7. I am so sorry to hear that your Mom refuses to get dressed up and photoshop won't work either...
    I will have to come up with a Dare that will make up for this and have you get your revenge somehow!