Nov 26, 2007

My brofur and I warm together

Author: Hunter

I has been advised to warn Isis there may be a spot 13 violation in this photo. I is an innocent mancat and had nothings to do wif it! Anyways, I is bery it is almoost 10:30pms and Momma has just nows lets me on to blog. She is muttering about packing and something or other and being too,wait, what?, packing?!?
Hows did I miss Momma taking out the black-going-away-for-a-squillion-days-bag??????
Oh I can'ts stay on here long nows, I has to go destroy all the toilets paper and move all the rugs. There is retrubrations and punihsments and a whole lots of other stuff. I means the last time Momma was goings away, she promised turkey. I don't care whats her story was when she gots home...she didn'ts has the turkey!!!! We got chickens the next days and steak today...dang, nows I see...she gibs us the steak cause she knows she is in big trubles for leavings us again!! Must plot horrible pubishments...don't worrys though, we is gonna try and bisit while Momma is away...we mights not be able to get the keyboard workings, but we be bisiting you all, never fear.


  1. This is very touching photo of you both~!

  2. Dis is dreadful news! Your momma can't go away as I'z can't talk to Napoleon as easily or as often as I'd like when she does! Nope I just won't have it, I'z puttin' my paw down... She's just gotta stay at home so I'z can talk to Napoleon and gaze at his cute pictures! :) I'z even like d'photos where his ickle fluffy nut cutlets are showin! In fact right now they seem most appealin' and leave me feelin' all hot an bothered... *blush* My brother says I'z developin' urges like a proper ladycat! *giggle*

    Anyway you'z just gotta make your Momma say home so I'z can purr at dat sweet boy Napoleon... :)

    Meow, you'z lookin' good bigboy! ;)


  3. OMDawg! Your Mommy is going away again? Tear efurryting up while she is gone!

    Luf, Us

  4. Yahs its super hards when our Momma is away, we has to fight to figures out how to get intos the forbidden room...and the clicky clackety machine doesn't always work...grrrrr

  5. It's not fair I tellz you, I wants my Napoleon and now I'z find he's being abandoned and cut off in his prime from d'cat blog! I'z now going to have to torture my brother something wicked iffen I can mew at Napoleon for a few days... I'z mean what am I to do with all these urges 'n stuff?! It's so frustrating I fink I'z go and put the bitey on someones toes and see if that makes me feel any better! ;)

  6. i was just admiring that picture but then i had to cover my eyes!!! oh my lord! that is a bad violation!