Nov. 14, 2007

Lounging with my favorite sista

Author: Napoleon

Yeahs, so it turns out my sista and my brofer have been sayings that I stink and have a stinky butt and all this stuff. Its no big deal, I gots the whole thwapping thing down...I gets back to them what they is dishing out.

Oh yeh, and you see how I said " I is lounging with my favorite sista"? There is a reason fours that. See somehow Momma gots a reputations in the neighborhood and every time a stray kitten shows up, the kids bring it to our house. Yeah, last times it was remember him? He was a loud little grey kitten that yelled alots. Since he was a boy, and I'm still gots my dangly bits, Momma said he couldn't stay insides. She puts extra food outs for him and he was always super happy to see her. Turns out one of the other neighbors really likeds him and they took him insides. Thats great cause its gonna get chilly outsides for stray kittehs.
Anymew, Yesterdays a kids comes a knock knockings on our door. And the herd of children hold up this little furry thing and says to Momma "is this your kitteh?" And she goes, "Nope".

Now you thinks this would be the end of the story...rights??

. She opens the door and takes the kitteh and then says she'll keep it. I'ms like "WHATT???" um, hello?? Another kitteh?? Momma had said she was gonna adopts another girl kitty so the ratios would be evens, but I thoughts that was like foreva in the future when the little girl kitty growed up enough to fly here!!

I am centsing a pattern hears! First time Momma was gonna adopts a kitteh from over the nets, Belle showed up. Then the next times Momma was gonna adopts Dinah if she was spayeds and Screamer showed ups. This time she was gonna adopt a baby Tortie, and THIS SHOWS UP......

(Momma says she reminds her of her missing kitten, Rajjah, from last year, kinda.)

She is abouts 10-12 weeks old, a girl,and tiger stipeded with white paws and chin. She was very stinky and very flea bittens. Momma gave her a bath, trimmed her claws and treated us all with flea medicines. She learneds that the hard way when Belle came here. Belle hads lots of fleas, I didn't and Hunter didn' she only treated Belle. Then the fleas jumped off of her and onto us boys! So then she treateded us, and the fleas jumped on her...hehehe. Soooo, this times we all gots the flea stinky medicines. And we isn't alloweds into the bedroom tonight, so momma doesn't wake up itchy.

Now Momma says she isn't fur sures keeping the new kitteh, she put ans ad on Craigslist and put upped a sign downs the street advertisings that she found the little kitteh. But she figures its safer to keeps the little bugger in the houses where its warm and safe while waitings for an owner to call or email.

Oh yeahs, did I mention this little fur bag growls all the time? She's the tiniest of us all and she is the fiercests sounding one!! She adores Momma though, follows her arounds and perches on her shoulder and in her lap. She obviously is tryings to steal my Momma's lovins!! Momma says nots to worry, there is always plenty of love to go around and she is tryings to make extras sure to take special time four each of us to get extras pettings, whens the growling furball isn't in her lap. I'm not sharing my blog with any more kittehs, no matter what!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ooh you'z got me a kitten has you?! Or is you transfurrin your affections? I needz to know if I shouold haz another hissy fit you see! ;) Or if'z I can hold her downz and gives her a darn good groomin! :)

    As fur sharing your blog any more, I finks the girls should get their own blog and letz you have yourz all to yourself so I can seez more of you! ;) Though Mummy says seein' too much of a boycat with dangly bits could cause complications... *giggle*


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for coming by our journal and leaving a message. It's so nice to meet you.

    Yes, Poppy is a sweet kitty who shares with others. We love our Gizzy quilts too. Jan doesn't have enough outlets to plug in 6 heating pads and we don't have heating vents. You're lucky your mom is so thoughtful so you stay toasty.

    Jan's Funny Farm residents

  3. she's a little cutie, and there's nothing wrong with growling all day long. that's how I got my name.

    anuffur wun? yikes - yur howse is gettin' as crowded as owrs iz!

  4. Ahhh she's a cutie pie! Your momma has a very kind heart!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  5. wow another kitten! she sound fierce. she'll make a fun playmate i'm sure. howcome you still have your dangly bits?? i got mine snipped off a couple weeks after my beans found me.

  6. Yeah from whats I understand alots of vets are pro-danglybits removal at a young age...our vet though wonts do them before a kitteh is 6 months old. Though wif all the money momma is going to spends on the holiday I might keep mine till after the new year. ;)

  7. Yeah from whats I understand alots of vets are pro-danglybits removal at a young age...our vet though wonts do them before a kitteh is 6 months old. Though wif all the money momma is going to spends on the holiday I might keep mine till after the new year. ;)

  8. Awwww, how sweet of your Mom to look after the little kitten. She is so beautiful, and she sounds oh so very feisty!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  9. Isn't it funny how some people just know which house to send the needy kittens to? Bast must be watching out for some of 'em, that's for sure!
    This new one is a little cutie pie, and we wish the best for her.
    Not The Mama and the gang from Purrchance To Dream

  10. Uh oh. Bow kept telling Maw & Paw "No more kittens!!!" and they didn't listen neifer. Gud luk.

    Luf, Us

  11. Woah! Beautiful kitty! It stinks having to have the fwea medicine though when you guys are fwea-fwee!