Nov 21, 2007

Oh Isis, I has a question....

Author: Napoleon
Does this photo make my tush look big?? I didn't fink so either, but all the ofer kittehs are snickering an awful lot today.

(I will post more later todays, but I wanted to put this photo ups, before we hit the sleeping time.)

Ok, I only has a few moments that I is able to steal the puter aways from Momma. But I promised I woods get back online and post a little bit more.
I fanks Isis and all the otter kittys thats says my tush is not too big. Though I is planning on hasing lots of turkey and table scraps tomorrow, so it may grow in the next few days.
As you can tells from the picture, I is getting along ok with little Raowr. She is actually starting to play and run around now. It was weird, I never knows any kitteh who doesn't play...but the first 3 days, I fink maybe she wasn't feeling too well. She snuggled and cuddled with Momma alots, but she didn'ts play. Now her poo is more normal,but she is fartings ALOTs now and they is stinky enough to make a mancat proud and teeny bits jealous.
She eats a TON of our yummy foods ands she chased the red dot wif us. I fink with four of us chasing its we is gonna get it cornered one day real soon and put the big time bitey on it!!
Momma says maybe the little Raowr was only being fed table scraps and nots any real kittey food cause when Momma gives us extra special treat time, she only gives us a teeny tiny mouthful of chicken and she is very careful to give it in seperate spots so we each has time to sniff it and leek it and then eats it wifout worrying another kitty is gonna eats it. Well, when Raowr saws there was treat time, she bolteds in and snatched the chicken from right under our noses!!! She scarfed hers down then shoved each one of us bigger kittys out of the way and leeked up every tiny speck of it. We was not amused wif her! Momma had to hold her and then put more chicken downs for us. When Raowr saws that more chicken, she tried to skydive from Momma's arms to get to it. She wents insanes!! She has never had chicken here at her new home before, or tablescraps of any kind but she knew instantly whats was going on and wasn't abouts to be left out, so thats why Momma finks she must have gotten thems at her old house. At least here she gets good foods wif occasional special treats. I'm gonna bop her on the heads next time she steals my chicken though!


  1. Oh no you'z bottom looks just purrfect in d'picture and it shows of your purrty tail too! :)

    Never fear you'z all Mancat Napoleon! :)


  2. I do not think your bottom looks big. But I think the photo shows off your mighty tail real good!

  3. Looks like a normal well shaped meezer butt to me!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving...
    ML (Mary Lynn)